Lightfoot Breaks Hearts On Their New EP


Jessica Dye and her band, Lightfoot, have recently released an aurally stunning EP titled, “People (Who Throw Kisses) Are Hopelessly Lazy.”  The title alone should be sufficient to let you know that this is an album of heartbreak; each nostalgically tinted track wavering between sadness and resentment.  Still, there’s a quality to Dye’s singing (her voice a very moving middle ground between Stevie Nicks and Jenny Lewis) that leaves you feeling just a tiny bit empowered in spite of the obvious emotional scars that are recounted within the lyrics.

Lucky for you, Lightfoot is staying busy this week!  Catch them on December 2nd at The Velvet Lounge in D.C. (DOORS 7:30PM/SHOW 9PM/21+/$8) or on December 4th at The Point in Fells in Baltimore (9:00PM). - Jarrett


Lightfoot- Will Uncoil When from Brett Vaughn on Vimeo.