The Chance Head to Brooklyn 11/19

 DC's poetic noise lords the Chance are taking their epic alt. rock wall of sound to the Brooklyn stage this weekend (Bar Matchless on 11/19), further representing our town as one of the loudest scenes in the U.S. Like a rock melting pot, singer/guitarist Joshua Padgett is the Peruvian Thurston Moore, drummer Viraj DeSilva the Sri Lankan Dave Grohl, and bassist Finley Martin the Canadian Jah Wobble. Rock insanity will undoubtedly ensue when this trio plugs in.


After the show, the Chance will remain in NYC to finish mixing their upcoming album Oblivion with the awesome mix master Chuck Brody (who recently toured with Hesta Prynn.) If you've made it out to any of the Chance's shows this year, you've probably heard some of what Oblivion will feature, including my personal favorite "Lapdance in Heaven," a dark and depressing ambient journey with enigmatic lyrics about a man trapped in purgatory with only a bare memory of a stripper. Can't wait to hear this. In the meantime, they've leaked a raw and unmixed track "Slipstream" below. -Dawn