Beasts of No Nation/The Shirks/Maybe Baby Go Loco with Legends this Halloween

Beasts of No Nation @ DC9

Every Halloween, Velvet Lounge knows how to throw down.  This year they'll bring back the legendary Latino punk band The Zeros, who once upon a time played "Beat Your Heart Out" 8 times in a row in San Francisco, then called it a night.  This Halloween they are joined by DC's The Shirks, Beasts of No Nation, and Maybe Baby.  Beasts have risen fast in the DC hardcore scene since their first show barely two months ago.  But with an incredible line-up consisting of members from notable acts Darkest Hour, Trial by Fire, the Explosion, and Majority Rule, it was inevitable.  They'll have a 7" out in a few weeks so we'll check in with them again.  Right now, Maybe Baby's S/T EP is available through Windian Records, and after this show, they're hitting the road for a cross country tour. So get dressed up- it's the Legendary Velvet Lounge Halloween Bash!