LC Fest final 2 nights: Courtesy Tier, B. Dunn, Jessi Robertson + 20 more

As Brooklyn's 4th Annual LC Fest heads into its fourth day, look for performances from 13 artists including Danny Ross, The Courtesy Tier and Jessi Robertson (in the picture). Classically trained Ross brings his polished piano rock to the stage and his latest album, Danny Ross Presents One Way, while Brooklyn duo The Courtesy Tier, ranked #35 in The Deli's current Best Of NYC Bands list, layers raw guitar riffs over catchy rhythms for a full-on rock sound, as heard on their recent EP, Map and Marker. Batting cleanup for the night is Robertson, one of the Local Correspondents founders, whose dark, lyrically driven songs and whiskey and honey-soaked voice will soon be exposed to a wider audience when her first studio album is released later this year. Performances begin at 8 p.m.

Sunday July 11's, the final night, highlights include performances by Craig Chesler, Bryan Dunn (picttured), The Rambler's Jeremiah Birnbaum, and nine others. Ukulele and guitar player Chesler mixes ’60s pop and ragtime into easy songs that practically scream summer, as heard on his latest CD, Little Craiggy Chesler & The Musical Proverbial Knee-Highs. Dunn, whose high-octane band shows pack 'em in at Mercury Lounge, brings his Americana rock out for a rare solo performance before heading into the studio to record a new album. Birnbaum, who fronts bluesy, alt. country act The Ramblers, will be serenading the crowd with songs from their latest release, Getting There. For the complete schedule of all five nights (from July 7th to the 11th), go here. For 42 free MP3s from festivals artists, split into four volumes for easy downloading, see here.