File under "Gorgeous NYC Noise": Stellarium

When you think of the city of Singapore you're not likely to conjure up thoughts of early 90's shoegaze/stoner/noise/dream-pop. Yet that is in fact where the band Stellarium hails from. Their debut album combines shoegaze textures (and attitude) with shredding, bombastic, noise assault guitars. Opening track "Any Day Is Fine," immediately hit our eardrums with a barrage of guitars that shriek, wail and churn with controlled chaos. Multiple layers swirl and feedback, melding together in a beautiful synchronicity of hazy sonics. "Chocolate & Strawberry" is a driving piece that redefines the "fuzz bass" sound. A Place To Bury Strangers' Jono Mofo would be proud. “Harbinger” sets a deep reverb echo to its cautionary tale about war. Exploding into a gorgeous wash of sound, straddling the lines between heaven and hell. “Fader” employs a rising sonic effect giving the sensation of your head “lifting off.” Stellarium show musical sophistication with their tempo changes within songs. The over 8 minute “final” track on the album – “Dead Nebula culminates in a shredding dual guitar attack. For the final 4 minutes it’s nothing but this - what's not to love? - Dave Cromwell