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What is The Deli?
The Deli is an independent publication and website that focuses on local indie music scenes and emerging artists (from rock to electronic and folk, with a little bit of hip hop). It currently publishes a printed magazine about the NYC and LA music scenes and has daily updated, separate webpages tackling new emerging music in various cities, including NYC, LA, DC Area, Chicago, Portland, Austin, and Nashville.

What is The DC Area Deli ?
The DC Area Deli is a daily updated web site focused on the independent music scene of the DC Area, including Baltimore, Richmond, and the entire DMV.

Mission Statement
The Deli is a resource for DC and DMV based musical artists and fans. We want to be a place where bands share their music with others, and where fans make their own decisions about what local music they enjoy.

CD Submission Policy
The DC Area Deli only reviews music from artists based in those and surrounding areas.

At this time we only accept digital submission through our CD Submission System here.

For added exposure, you can post mp3s and a blurb about your band on the local Open Blog [this feature will return soon].



Natan Press - DC Area Associate Editor

Natan was raised in Boston, a modern lover in the land of Lemonheads and Lobster. He has lived in DC for 8 years, introducing the less fortunate mid-Atlantic region to his unimpeachable Bostonian taste in music, and training as an attorney. He likes music of all kinds, but mostly just the Inspector Gadget theme.

Hannah Brady - Contributor

Hannah Brady has worked in music since she was straight out of the womb. Her dad brought her to the radio station to record his show every Thursday night, and taught her the power of quality writing and music. He likes to brag that his daughter has pooped on-air.

She kind of likes that too.

After experimenting with band management, merch tables, festivals and artist development, Hannah now spends her time with her harshest critic, a bearded dragon named Syd, writing about local music and looking for new places to share her work. She loves everything about music journalism and plans to continue writing about music for the rest of her life. 

Opal Rose - Contributor

Opal Rose is a local music journalist and performing artist. She has been within the DMV music scene since about 2007. Over this time frame she has developed relationships with local brands and artists, and seeks to help raise awareness for them and the unheard indie artist.

Sade A. Spence - Contributor

Sadé A. Spence is a bicoastal entertainment reporter originally from Los Angeles and now in Washington, DC. She started out as a college radio DJ at UCLA, and ended up on the red carpet of the American Music Awards. The author and producer of two successful entertainment radio shows and the co-host of “Pop Goes The Culture,” carried globally by WERW, Sadé has covered local events, major festivals and national movie premieres including The Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise via Walt Disney Studios, The Scream Movie Franchise via Dimension Films and Thor via Paramount Pictures. Her passion in interview and coverage attention to underground and developing bands/projects (long before they hit their nadir) drives her love for her work. She holds degrees from Syracuse University and UCLA and can be found in the middle of the crowded show, or on the red carpet, or @SadeASpence on Twitter.

Rohan Khanna - Contributor

Rohan Khanna was born here in DC but has spent most of his life living overseas in South Korea, Vietnam, and Dubai. He currently is attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he is studying Film, Sound, and Writing. Rohan has always had a passion for music, especially the indie-scene. He currently likes to spend his days listening to albums old and new, as well as writing about the local music scene.

Dawn Reed - Past Editor

Jordannah ElizabethPast Contributor

Jarrett BlankenshipPast Contributor

Karl DobiasPast Contributor





Loud Times Ahead With The Tennis System

One of DC’s loudest bands, the Tennis System, has had an insanely awesome/busy month, and are about to keep the streak going through November. A few weeks ago, they began working on their next LP Teenagers (following The Future Of Our History,) up in Philly, and most recently had some gigs at CMJ up in New York. They’ve got several dates lined up (with their new line-up) all over the area in the next few weeks including St. Mary’s (11/4), Black Cat (11/9), and the Red Palace (11/30). So if you haven’t seen a decent shoegaze noise fest in a while- now’s your chance to find out why they got shut down by Austin cops at SxSW this year. In other words, bring earplugs. Loves it.

Black Cat's Halloween Ft. America Hearts, Foul Swoops, & the Cheniers

More Halloween madness, this Sunday at the Black Cat get a triple dose of Yeah Gates Records with America Hearts, Foul Swoops, and the Cheniers, with two of these label mates releasing 7"s that very night.  America Hearts spout cute and quirky pop on Be My Jones, featuring a tune with lyrics inspired by vocalist Jess Matthew's 3 year old nephew.  Then on the gritty side of the rock spectrum, Foul Swoops churn out the rough and raw sounds of traditional DIY recording, bound to sound most excellent on vinyl.


CD of the Month: Weekends "Strange Cultures"

After literally and figuratively creating an impressive amount of buzz with their debut album and two follow up EPs, Baltimore's up and comers Weekends have recently released their first full length record, titled Strange Cultures. Like similar two-man guitar-drums bands No Age and Japandroids, Weekends' Brendan Sullivan and Adam Lempel produce a chaos of sound, full of texture and depth that would make many other larger bands painfully jealous. In their newest collection of songs, Weekends splash a thin shimmery veil of tropical vibes over a mess of noise rock, transforming a seemingly schizophrenic cacophony of guitar wails into something melodic, foot stompingly powerful, and entirely enjoyable. Strange Cultures finds the band bringing all facets of their sound to the table, making for an eclectic combination of head-swirling fuzz that sees the vocals taking a back seat to the scorching guitar lines and rock solid drum licks. The mostly instrumental closer, "Raingirls" is emblematic of their sun-soaked, axe-thrashing sound, part surfer-brah, part punk rocker. -Brooks


Painted Face Making DC Dance

Painted Face

Allie Alvarado (formerly of Blood Lines and Telepathe) , a DC transplant with Brooklyn blood, has teamed up with her dance music producer brother Alvin Risk, spawning Painted Face; an electro pop solo project that is easily, the next best thing in DC. The debut EP Undreamt recently released, is bound to get some serious spins on dance nights for sure; with a gorgeous track like "Undreamt" providing swirling beats and lushy vocals reminiscent of Kate Bush and Bat For Lashes.  So download it, and perfect your moves!
Alvarado recently gigged it up at Rock & Roll hotel with School of Seven Bells.  BYT was there to cover it, check out their review.