Thank You's 3rd Release Out 1/25

Baltimore's trio Thank You are releasing their 3rd album, Golden Worry, with Chicago-based label Thrill Jockey on January 25th. The album was recorded by engineer Chris Coady, who's known for his work with Beach House and Gang Gang Dance. Check out this stellar track "1-2-3 Bad" and pre-order Golden Worry here. Thank you - 1-2-3 Bad by The Drift Record Shop


DC Artists of the month

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DC Area Artists of the Month 2011

True Womanhood 1st Release in New Series

DC's True Womanhood have released the first song in their series REEL TOO REAL. Here's what Thomas had to say about it. "The song is called MINAJAH and it was inspired by the recent creation of the Moombahton dance craze, right here in DC.  We didn't use Ableton like everyone else because we are idiots and we thought we could make electronic music using live instruments patched through effects pedals.  Also, Stevie Wonder shook our hands the day we bought the synth that this song was played on and told us it was a good choice.  His magic apparently rubbed off.   (We are not kidding.  This is a true story.  His hands smell like sandalwood.)"

REEL TOO REAL by truewomanhood


The Death Set release "Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap" Video

The Death Set is a trio of crazy "almost kids" from Brooklyn, Sydney, Baltimore and Philly who seem interested in picking up where the Beastie Boys left off - at least in this song entitled after a handshake that Brooklyn bands like Ninjasonik and Cerebral Ballzy (featured in the instructional video here) apparently use to greet each other. The rest of the band repertoire is more electro-punk but as incendiary and fun.


Deli Emerging Artists 2010 Polls: Links to Open Submissions Results

We started publishing the results of the open submissions for our Best of NYC Emerging Artists 2010 Poll. As we received about 500 submissions we decided to organize the rating process by genre. As things are getting a little scattered around the site we though it might be useful to gather all the links to the various result blurbs in one place on top of our NYC site - here we go:


- ALT FOLK - results here
- ALT ROCK + REVIVAL ROCK - results here
- AVANT INDIE + ELECTRO ROCK - results here
- HIP HOP + OTHER DANCEY GENRES - results here
- INDIE POP + MELLOW CORE - results here
- INDIE ROCK + POST PUNK - results here
- MIXED ROOTSY GENRES - results here
- SINGER SONGWRITERS - results here
AUSTIN: Open Submissions - SonicBids
CHICAGO: Open Submissions - SonicBids
LOS ANGELES: Open Submissions - SonicBids
NASHVILLE: Open Submissions - SonicBids
NEW ENGLAND: Open Submissions - SonicBids
PHILADELPHIA: Open Submissions - SonicBids
: Coming Soon
SF BAY AREA: Open Submissions - SonicBids
WASHINGTON - BALTIMOREOpen Submissions - SonicBids

Readers' Polls are now happening, final charts should be ready towards late january - early February.

The Deli Staff