Voxhaul Broadcast debut album drops 3/22 + SXSW shows


Soul-rock quartet Voxhaul Broadcast has been ruling the L.A. music scene for quite some time now. Their long-awaited debut album "Timing Is Everything" drops March 22nd, packed with a solid lineup of 13 tracks. The lazy guitars wailing in "Junkyard Dog" echo sounds similar to Led Zeppelin, while the track "Steal The Diamonds" is funky with R&B infused rock and a jazzy blues feel. Their live shows are dripping with sexy energy, so if you want to witness a talented rock group setting the stage on fire before they blow up, I suggest checking them out at SXSW

March 16 BuzzbandsLA Day Party (208 W 4th St) – 5:00pm Austin, TX 

March 17 Filter Cedar Street Courtyard (208 W4th St @ Lavaca) – 1:00pm Austin, TX

March 17 TGS party @ Rusty Spurs (405 E 7St @ Trinity) – 4:30pm Austin, TX 

March 19 Pure Volume House (504 Trinity St) – 6pm Austin, TX 

March 19 512 Rooftop (406 E 6th St @ Trinity) official showcase – 8pm Austin, TX

Voxhaul Broadcast will also be playing a FREE record release show at Amoeba on the 22nd. Until then you can listen to the full streaming album "Timing Is Everything" via bandcamp.

-Jenna Putnam 


Salva Complex Housing

Salva has released his new album Complex Housing via Friends of Friends Music and is available in a baby blue vinyl edition. He also premiered a new video for their track "Keys Open Doors" today on Pitchfork Tv, and released a new podcast via xlr8r. Paul Salva is really pushing Chicago house into a new realm with this one.

Salva will be performing at SXSW on 3/18 @ 9pm at the Surefire Showcase @ Barcelona.


SXSW 2011: Boston to Austin March 17 12-6pm at the 512 -- Tons of Boston Bands!!

Boston to Austin

If you're in Austin tomorrow for St. Patrick's Day what better way to celebrate the holiday than by seeing a plethora of Boston bands? DigBoston and Converse will host the Boston to Austin showcase tomorrow, March 17, on the roof of the 512. The party starts at noon, be sure to stop by and see Viva Viva, The Dirty Dishes, Bodega Girls, Mystery Roar, Mean Creek, Kingsley Flood, Static of the Gods, Banditas, Endless Wave and DJ Die Young.

The 512
408 E. 6th Street
Austin, TX

--Chrissy Prisco


SXSW 2011: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper at Swan Dive Tonight

Lady Lamb

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper will be playing the Brooklyn Vegan Showcase at Swan Dive in Austin, TX tonight. The Portland, ME native, who recently transplanted to Boston, is a folk-rocker with the voice of a fallen angel. This performance is the artist's Austin debut. She goes on at 8pm.

Also playing are: Olof Arnalds (Iceland), Ted Leo (Washington DC), Sam Amidon (from VT, now in NYC), Sharon Van Etten (NYC), & Evan Voytas (LA).

Swan Dive
651 Red River St
Austin, TX 78701

--Chrissy Prisco


Noisy NYC artists at SXSW: Happy New Year

Eleanor Logan has a lot of loud friends, but somehow her unadorned voice always manages to be heard above the din. If her music's any indication, she must be one of those people who always gets what she wants without having to demand things go her way.
Known primarily for her work with the early grunge-nostalgic trio Adult Themes, the Brooklyn artist has just released a 2-song 7" courtesy of Crikey! Records under her new solo project, Happy New Year. Where Adult Themes hash out a fun but tried-and-true noise rock formula, Happy New Year seems more than happy to include any sound within its sonic washing machine. Guitar-driven fuzz and aggressive percussion hits surround Eleanor as she sits pretty in the middle of all the action. It's intense and calm, focused and chaotic...kinda hard to put your finger on, which only makes it more interesting.
She promises another song next month, so I'm looking forward to hearing what she sticks in the blender this time.
See her at SXSW all this week. Check her site for details. - Mike Levine (@goldnuggets)