Riffs a Plenty at Millcreek Tavern Feb. 12


Shred masters Jail have a heavy guitar laden sound that will appeal to just about anybody. Well, anybody who likes to feel assaulted by their music. It’s heavy on the Motorhead style riffs and metal instrumentals. But also has a drunk and dirty country twang, and psychedelic grind. And when they play Millcreek Tavern tonight with Gondola, they’ll be joined by their perfect match. Gondola is still fairly new to the scene, but have previously wowed audiences with the tripped out psychedelic rock sounds they dished out while playing shows with Nebula and The Asteroid #4. They’ll be warming up their chops for their upcoming mini Mid-Atlantic tour in March. Rounding off this head banging lineup is Lancaster County’s Electric Horsemen, who are getting ready to put out a new full length album. Millcreek Tavern, 4200 Chester Ave., 9pm, $8, 21+ ( Photo by Dan Argots) - Bill McThrill



Interview with The Deli’s Label of the Year: Punk Rock Payroll


We figured since the city was basically shut down we might as well join the rest of the crazies yesterday at the bar for a little social lubrication and random body-sledding on the way home. Well, we’re back with The Deli’s Label of the Year, Punk Rock Payroll. We had a chance to catch up with PRP’s godfather Frede Zimmer to toss him a few questions that you should definitely check out.
Frede Zimmer: First of all, everyone involved with Punk Rock Payroll would like to thank everyone who voted for PRP, it is truly an honor to be voted The Deli’s Label of the Year in Philadelphia.
The Deli: What are your feelings about the Philly music scene?
FZ: I love it! I think that at this point we have all the right components to become bigger and better. Recently I was tour manager for The Extraordinaires for a few dates with Gogol Bordello, and everyone we met on the road was telling us how much they love bands from Philly and how nice everyone from Philly is. It made me realize that the reputation Philadelphia bands are carving out for themselves outside of Philly is a very positive and innovative one, and I'm happy to be a part of it.  
TD: Will your headquarters always remain in South Philly?
FZ: I can't say that it will always remain in South Philly. After 5 years of Punk Rock Payroll functioning out of a cramped two bedroom apartment at 9th and Jackson, we just moved in to our new, much more spacious headquarters at 18th and Moore about a year ago, and we have no intentions of going anywhere. Now we're located in a section of South Philly called Newbold that's South of Washington and West of Broad. Everyone at the label, and the bands that are signed to the label, pretty much live around this area now, so we definitely feel a sense of community. The area south of Washington is completely malleable right now. It's a new frontier for artists and musicians to start to shape into a brand new area that's not already defined by established venues and pre-conceived notions about what kind of music or art comes from the area.     
TD: We love your innovative packaging/marketing ideas. Any cool things that we should be looking out for? Any releases that you are excited about, or new artists that you have or are planning to sign?
FZ: Thank you. There are definitely some new packaging designs and new artists and releases that we are very excited about at the moment, but it would be a bit premature to let the cat out of the bag at this point. We'll be making a few big announcements on the Punk Rock Payroll website very soon.
TD: Your history is well-documented on your website. What’s been your proudest moment so far?
FZ: I'm constantly proud of Punk Rock Payroll and all of the people behind the scenes who keep it running: the interns, the people who work at the label and of course the bands on the label. I feel really lucky to be surrounded by so many gifted people. It feels like I have a "proudest moment" just about every other day.
TD: Besides artists on Punk Rock Payroll, what local performers do you enjoy listening to?
FZ: I have to admit I am generally listening to the bands on the label, but I really enjoy The Armchairs, Sweatheart, Need New Body, Sun Ra, and a few more that we currently have our eyes on.
TD: What national/international acts do you currently listen to now?
FZ: The Roots, Against Me, Gogol Bordello.
TD: What’s your favorite thing about Philly?
FZ: The energy you feel just from walking down the street. Philadelphia is the birthplace of America, and I truly believe it lends itself to be the birthplace for many new and groundbreaking artistic undertakings. 
TD: What annoys you the most about Philly?
FZ: The disrespect for the city some people voice by throwing their trash all over the streets and the violence, especially the gun violence...we really shouldn't have to watch our backs when we're walking or riding over to a friend’s house to hang out. At some point, this behavior became the norm, and that definitely annoys me.   
TD: What’s your poison?
FZ: BRUNIC'S ! It's my favorite diner hang out, and it happens to be at 17th and McKean, which is only a few blocks from our new spot. It seems to be the underground hub for all things South Philly.
TD: What’s your favorite thing to get at the deli?
FZ: Hmm…it definitely changes from day to day, but today I would have to say veggie/cheese hoagie. 
- The Deli Staff



Northern Liberties Winter Music Fest This Week


The Fire has certainly been feeling a lot of heat lately, but the Philly music community has really rallied behind this legendary local stepping stone for many great acts. Well, this week they’ll be celebrating their annual Northern Liberties Winter Music Fest! Here’s a little rundown on what looks interesting to us (presuming the snow doesn’t shut everything down). On Wed., The Fire’s soundman, Dino, will be stepping out from behind the board and taking his fro center stage with his 8-bit project Cheap Dinosaurs. He’ll be joined by fellow video game beatmaster Sonkin. Thurs., Fri. and Sat. are certainly the meat of the festival depending on your. The bill on Thurs. seems heavy on the folk with Spirit and Dust, Cowmuddy, Mason Porter, Andrew Lipke, Chris Kasper and Oso, Infinien should help get some of that twang out of your ears. Looks like Derek Dorsey’s pet project Toy Soldiers will be pulling double duty on Fri. with an early all ages show and a late set for the legal drinkers. Joining them will be most excellent drinking buddies and musicians Orbit to Leslie, The Circadian Rhythms and The Great Unknown. On Saturday, you’ll find the oddly matched autumnal sounds of The Spinning Leaves with the ass-shaking grooves of The Hustle and Slo-Mo. Sunday will close out the festivities with a tribute to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band for all you lonely hearts that find yourself in The Fire on Valentine’s Day. Hopefully you’ll find someone to make sweet, sweet love to that evening while your listening to my favorite Beatles album Abbey Road. Just remember to ask permission before coming through the bathroom window. - The Deli Staff


The Deli’s Lunchtime Escape Returns to The Bellevue!

More snow!?! Isn’t this how the Ice Age got started? Well, hopefully it won’t be snowing Friday, February 26th when The Deli’s Lunchtime Escape returns to The Bellevue. If you made it to our debut showcase last month, thank you for being part of such a very attentive and accepting audience. We had a blast and so did all the artists! We are happy that the classy folks at The Bellevue haven’t thrown us out yet so we are excited to announce another Lunchtime Escape with upcoming performances this month by August Lutz (from Levee Drivers), Death Panel (a.k.a. Sir Charles Latham) and Lion Versus (a.k.a. Hilary White). Yeah - we know. This is a pretty sweet lineup!
Levee Drivers’ frontman August Lutz will be making a rare solo acoustic performance before he joins his bandmates later that evening to rock out Johnny Brenda’s. They were this year’s winners of The Deli’s Fans’ Poll and a Top Performer in the Overall Poll. If you’ve never heard of them, then thanks for checking out our website for the first time (j/k). We are also very thrilled to welcome southern transplants and first-time Deli showcase performers Death Panel and Lion Versus! Death Panel’s witty, quirky lyrics are sure to bring a grin to your face even though one rarely comes to his, and Lion Versus’ sultry Georgia peach vocals and dark poetic verses become more captivating with every listen. Come on. You know that you don’t want to miss this show so mark it on your calendar or whatever device you use to remind yourself these days. (BTW: Speedos are welcomed, especially if they are neon green.) - The Deli Staff 

The Deli’s Death Comes Close to Philly Ticket Giveaway Contest!

Damn that was a lot of snow! We know that you’ve probably been getting a little cabin fever. Well, we have something for you to look forward to from our friends at Matador Records. We’d like to send you and someone that you can have a shit load of fun with to what will probably be Cold Cave’s last appearance in the area for a while on Saturday, February 20 at Haverford College. They’ll be heading out on national/international tours that will keep them busy at least until the summer, which includes European gigs opening for The Editors as well as a stint in The Far East before coming back to Europe again. So if you’d like to win a pair of tickets to see Cold Cave before they get too huge, send us an email at to enter our Death Comes Close to Philly TICKET GIVEAWAY CONTEST! We’ll also giveaway a vinyl copy of their 12” single Death Comes Close to the runner-up. You can check out dates for Cold Cave’s current U.S. tour below. - The Deli Staff

2/4 -- Mercury Lounge -- New York, NY
2/5 -- Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar -- Charlottesville, VA
2/6 -- Pilot LIght -- Knoxville, TN
2/7 -- Local 506 -- Chapel Hill, NC
2/9 -- Blackbooth -- Orlando, FL
2/10 -- Crowbar -- Tampa, FL
2/11 -- 529 -- Atlanta, GA
2/12 -- Calendonia Lounge -- Athens, GA
2/13 -- Studio B -- Greensboro, NC
2/16 -- Wasted Space -- Las Vegas, NV
2/18 -- Echoplex -- Los Angeles, CA
2/20 -- Haverford College -- Haverford, PA
2/21 -- Mohawk Place -- Buffalo, NY
2/22 -- Garfield Artworks -- Pittsburgh, PA
2/23 -- Grog Shop -- Cleveland, OH
2/24 -- Crofoot Ballroom -- Pontiac, MI
2/25 -- Empty Bottle -- Chicago, IL
2/26 -- Project Lodge -- Madison, WI
2/27 -- Canopy Club/Club Void -- Urbana, IL
2/28 -- Al's Bar -- Lexington, KY