First Friday Vintage Bonanza at Two Percent to Glory May 7

It’s First Friday again, and it should be damn beautiful out tonight. But do you really want to deal with the annoying yuppies in Old City as you search around for some free booze? If your answer is not really, then head over to Two Percent to Glory for their “First Friday Vintage Bonanza” where they promise a night of heavy boozing and browsing. Ryat, who did spectacularly in our most recent and fiercest poll to date, will be providing some airy electronica for your enjoyment. DJ Frosty will also keep the party movin’ into the wee hours. Don’t forget to grab yourself or a loved one a little somethin’ somethin’. Two Percent to Glory, 1817 Frankford Ave., 8pm - Late, Free, All Ages (Photo by Jackie Bayne) - H.M. Kauffman



Hair Rocket Calls for “Hair Hit” on Xiu Xiu

Multi-instrumentalist and Berklee dropout Chris Blasucci, the warped-mind behind Hair Rocket, is calling for a “hair hit” on art-poppers Xiu Xiu. Below is a strange statement posted on his website.

Yesterday I heard on Pitchfork the band Xiu Xiu began collecting locks of hair at shows in which they will later burn and inhale the smoke. This media stunt has no history and is well overshadowed by a true musical hair sacrificing art.

Over 2 years ago the band and hair rocket movement came into existence when I made a cathartic music video about collecting hair from ex-lovers, making a wig from it and launching it on a rocket in hopes of closure. I’m not sure if it worked but it made me think a lot and I thought others might enjoy doing it and possibly learning something about themselves in a ridiculous ritual. I formed a band, Hair Rocket and recorded an EP, “Novelty” and began collecting hair at shows that I later put on rocket and launched as a union between myself and the audience sacrificers. I’ve done 2 group hair rocket launchings, with over 3o collections of follicles. 2 other bands Aderbat and Mi Head Ur Head have done hair rocket rituals and I have begun taking requests from fans for personal hair rocket dedications.

So I say “BRING ME THE LOCKS OF XIU XIU”. This media stunt needs backbone!

Above is the video that started it all! I love it. And so should you. You can be part of the Hair Rocket Movement at The Khyber tonight or just enjoy Blasucci leaving it all on stage. - Q.D. Tran


Add Your Band to The Deli Charts!

If you’ve been wondering why our charts have been looking a little funny the past couple weeks, it’s because our programmers have been working hard to make improvements on the site and work out the system’s glitches. Check out the lower left hand corner of the charts, and you’ll see a new feature that we are very excited about. Have you ever peeked at our lists and wondered “why the fuck is my band not in here”? Well, maybe it’s because we don’t know about you yet, but it can also be that we are swamped on this end and sometimes updating our databases gets lost in the shuffle. Now, if you click on Join Charts, you can add your own band to our charts! See - we’re not hipster, elitist, assholes like you might have thought. We welcome everyone to use the many DIY features that we offer such as our Open Blog and Events Calendar (on the right hand side of our site) that we have for you to promote your projects. Yeah, this new feature is one less thing for us to worry about which fuckin’ rocks! Just in time because I’ll be taking my first vacation in long time tomorrow. Heading to Brussels and Amsterdam for a lot of fine beer drinking and even finer legal weed smoking. Thanks to the magical powers of the internet I will be hopefully checking in with you on a daily basis, but I make no guarantees. Cheers! - Q.D. Tran



New Video from Freeway - “She Makes Me Feel Alright”

Here’s a new video from Freeway & Jake One for “She Makes Me Feel Alright” off of The Stimulus Package on Rhymesayers Entertainment. It is directed by Rik Codero. Enjoy. - H.M. Kauffman


Pony Pants Make Me Sweat at DDG May 4

Does anyone else think that we need a new album from Pony Pants already? Well, I guess that I’ll have to settle for a raucous live performance tonight at their home away from home Danger Danger Gallery. Dress appropriately or wear nothing at all because with The Ellis Brothers’ monster guitar riffs and Emily J.K.’s adrenaline-filled lyrical wit and wisdom over plenty of seriously hot beats, they’re bound to leave you a sweaty mess (and this fuckin’ humidity certainly doesn’t help)! Danger Danger Gallery, 5013 Baltimore Ave., 8pm, $5 - $10 donation, All Ages (Photo by Brad Quartuccio) - H.M. Kauffman