Dr. Dog Headline Electric Factory May 13

The local favorites Dr. Dog who apparently whole-heartedly believe that they were born forty years too late will be making a jump forward when they headline the Electric Factory tonight. Their home stands have become larger and larger spectacles with each subsequent release. Recently back in December, they did two sold out shows at the TLA along with a secret show at JB’s. Dr. Dog has been making every gig seem intimate and enthralling regardless of their venue, so I have no doubt  that they will fill every corner of that monstrous hunk of a tin can venue. They have been bringing out Scott McMicken’s Golden Retriever at shows which will make even the crustiest punk’s heart beat somewhat regularly. Dr. Dog’s newest album Shame Shame is their debut for ANTI- after leaving local label Park the Van. This hometown gig will certainly be chalked full of crowd favorites, onstage banter and an impressive run through their recent new album. Oh yeah, and that really young country-skuzz fenom Dear Tick is also playing the show, so if you are into really over groomed hair and under groomed staches than maybe you will want to watch whatever he does. Electric Factory, 421 N. 7th St. (btw Callowhill & Spring Garden Sts.), 9pm, All Ages - Adam G.



Busses Album Release Party at The Khyber May13

It’s impossible to walk through Northern Liberties or the neighboring streets of Fishtown without crossing paths with walls bearing Busses’ name. Slightly trippy and fascinating, this three piece’s sound mirrors Nick Apice’s eloquently composed posters, lending an audible component to sentiments easily felt while face to face with each print. Mixing fuzzed-out psych with jazzy riffs and vocalist Dave Brett’s 90s vibe, Busses’ tracks sound a lot like Deep Elm’s original roster, but with less lethargy. “Foundation Myth,” with a buzzing intro growls along with the crash of drums and tambourine. Brett’s voice wavers between melodic and reckless abandon in a fashion comfortably close to early Modest Mouse. Beside the quiet start of “Stationary” and "The Socialist" the depth of
Busses’ sound is subtle yet enveloping, Enticing listeners to sway and become transformed beneath the swell of beats and chords. Set to celebrate their latest release, catch Busses with Arc in Round’s Jeff Zeigler and Oh! Pears’ Corey Duncan. Khyber. 56 S. Second St., 9pm, $8, 21+ - Dianca Potts



The Spooks and Party Photographers at The Ox May 13

Sure, The Ox may come across as one of the shadiest places to play in Philly. You have to ascend a dark, creepy stairwell and then navigate a couple quiet, empty corridors before you realize "Oh! There's a show here." But once you're in the right spot, you're bound to have a great time! Especially when you're about to see up-and-coming acts like The Spooks, whose brand of retro garage sound like all the best Nuggets compilations combined and then sprinkled with a bit of surf rock, and Party Photographers so be prepared for waves of  intoxicating distortion and reverb a la Jesus and Mary Chain or Black Tambourine. The Ox, 2nd and Oxford, 8pm, $5, All Ages - Joe Poteracki



Old World Get Down at Tritone May 13

When the West Philly Orchestra takes the stage at Tritone tonight, it will be the usual high-energy Balkan dance party that you are accustomed to, but on this special evening the mood will be filled with a little medieval enchantment courtesy of the Oubliette Ensemble. The pragmatic West Philly folk quintet has taken their music to the renaissance fair on last year’s self-titled debut Sacre et Profane. And when the interwoven sounds of harp, accordion, mandolin, flutes, cello, and more combine with the serene voices of Cynthia James and Melissa Santangelo, it makes for one mystical experience. So while the combo might not look like a perfect match on paper, their old-world charm will certainly win you over. Tritone, 1508 South St., 10pm, $5, 21+ (Jordan Shayer) - Bill McThrill



Greetings from Amsterdam and Add Your Band to The Deli Charts Already!

So I’m finally out of Brussels, the most Wi-Fi unfriendly city that I have ever been to, and I am definitely over hearing everybody speaking French. I don’t understand. If I’m suppose to get free Wi-Fi at my hotel and it’s not working, why the hell would the front desk girl in her snotty French accent tell me that I should call their provider to get it fixed!?! And this was a nice hotel. (Sorry New Motels, I had a writeup for your CD release party this past weekend - hope it was a blast, but I couldn’t find any internet access to post it - also my apologies to anyone who’s been trying to get in touch with me.) I’ve done Brussels. I won’t be back, but I did love drinking tasty Belgian drafts in sweet glasses for about three Euros. I also had a chance to sneak into a party for the Brusssels’ Short Film Festival sponsored by Chimay which was cool. (I may have acquired a couple of Chimay glasses to use at home.) My city special taste buds are way too spoiled right now. Well, I just made it to Amsterdam, and I’m glad my hotel has free Wi-Fi even though it’s only in the lobby. I’m about to head to Abraxas coffee shop to take a few to the head since I couldn’t find any in Brussels (lame). Just wanted to remind everyone about our new DIY feature to add your project to our genre charts. Now, if you click on Join Charts, you can add your own band to our charts! We welcome everyone to use the many DIY features that we offer such as our Open Blog and Events Calendar (on the right hand side of our site) that we have for you to promote yourselves. Hope all is sunny in Philadelphia. It’s a little hazy here. Hopefully I will be soon too. Cheers! - Q.D. Tran