Andrew North's story is one worth telling, performance set for 06.21

The music of Andrew North is precisely what you would expect to listen to on a cheery Saturday night at your favorite Bean Town jazz club. As New England as a delicious cup of clam chowder or a walk by the seacoast, Andrew North's cheery piano melodies, and uplifting lyrics have that unifying feel to them; they evoke a strong sense of community. Backed by former bandmate and good friend Pete Casselman on drums, North stepped into a Burlington, VT studio to record Lost City, his first EP released in March that encompasses years of musical and personal discoveries. In “Out of Time” Casselman’s funky drumbeat drives North’s intricate jazz tunes while in “Go North” the upbeat tempo and tender piano embellishments ooze ardent devotion for the craft. The story of Andrew North is one of resilience, of returning to long lost passions, of acceptance and love. Andrew North’s story continues as he will perform June 21st at Market Days Music in Concord, NH. “Go North” is streaming for your enjoyment below. - Rene Cobar


Paper Citizen releases evocative new single "Hands Dirty"

The new single from Boston-based indie-rock project Paper Citizen is a sonic kaleidoscope worth revisiting. The instruments in "Hands Dirty" have a luminous quality to them: the guitars are bright, the bass pristine, the drums easy on the beat, and the reverb-dipped vocals of Claire Gohst beaming with confidence. Gohst, a Singapore-born artist now in Boston started her musical journey at a young age, playing classical music, then folk, and currently penning the evocative tunes of Paper Citizen. The music has an atmospheric vibe to it, an Explosions in the Sky type of instrumentation that elicits a dreamy and upbeat feeling that borders on hope. The music carries Gohst's influences and travels and is a tell-tale sign that in Boston, she feels right at home. - Rene Cobar


Eastern Souvenirs releases new psych-pop single "Getting There," plays Sofar Sounds: Boston 07.23

Brian Fisher has been writing songs under the moniker Eastern Souvenirs since 2014, concocting his brand of electronic psych-pop tunes. Synth-driven and guitar heavy the songs of his 2017 debut full-length record Green Valleys had a healthy balance of indie-folktronica as it was, now in his upcoming EP Getting There they are being served with a psych tinge. Both of the singles released for the record so far put the artist’s skills on full display: “Falling” has the surreal sounds of bands like Animal Collective while the title track (streaming) leans more on its cool electric guitar, for a more indie quality. Fisher seems to be blossoming in this upcoming EP, finding a style that incorporates the best of the psych-pop genre, which makes us excited for the release on July 12th. Fisher has recently relocated to Boston and will play Sofar Sounds July 23rd. - Rene Cobar


SnugHouse embraces Americana in latest EP, plays Music in the Park 06.19

Do yourself a favor and check out the music of Portland Maine’s SnugHouse. The indie-folk group’s second EP Like Water is silky smooth from start to finish, with its Americana gloss shining brightly. “A Long Walk Home” and “Glass” feature rich harmonies and dreamy melodies while “Firefly” has some sweet electro-keys that jingle to the warm vocals of Nikhil Dasgupta. The EP has an emotional honesty to each song that is characteristic of indie-folk and reminds one why bands like Fleet Foxes have found such success. SnugHouse will be playing the Music in the Park series at Shevenell Park in Biddeford, ME on Jun 19th. We got “Firefly” for you below. - Rene Cobar


Mike Morrissey delivers cool single "Set The Record" with poise, hosts open mic 06.05

Mike Morrissey's latest single "Set The Record" has a neat character to it that suggests you sit back to take in its sprightly sounds. The Somerville-based singer/songwriter delivers in the song a lively collage of unadulterated electric guitar riffs that gush out to the rhythm of an energetic drum beat. The vocals—relaxed and poised—have a perpetual coolness that fits the track's breezy vibe. Morrissey's indie-pop music fits in beautifully in that relaxing Sunday morning playlist of yours, next to Belle and Sebastian. Mike Morrissey is hosting Aeronaut Brewing Company's monthly open mic event in Somerville on June 5th. Enjoy "Set The Record" streaming below. - Rene Cobar