The Callouts need no labels, play Dusk 06.12

The Callouts are a band you can’t help but cheer for, and get the feeling they are cheering for you. The connection comes from the group’s upbeat style, ideally suited for both that summertime house show where you finally kiss your high school crush, or the Tuesday night bar stumble-in that exceeds your expectations. The band creates a unique mold for itself in its latest record Give Up: high-energy electric guitars and speedy drum patterns are balanced with sensitive pop hooks for a style that narrowly escapes the pop-punk label. Yes, the energy and breakdowns that characterized pop-punk bands of the early 2000s are there, but the group feels distinctly modernized and less commercial. The band is playing Dusk in their hometown of Providence, RI on June 12th. When you listen to The Callouts, you can visualize a group having fun in a garage, no labels needed. “Hot Tuesday” is streaming below. - Rene Cobar


Bent Knee commits wholly to new identity in new single, plays Space Ballroom 06.19

Bent Knee, is that you? The Boston-based group’s aggressive new identity takes no prisoners in their latest single “Catch Light.” The band commits fully to its avant-garde identity in this new track that possesses a beguiling rhythm section that mutates throughout the song, commanding its many facets. Courtney Swain’s assertive vocals rev up and explode adjacent some heavy electronic percussion before the song modifies into an atmospheric collage of delicate keyboard notes, only to climax stupendously. A bit of Florence Welch, with a hint of Lorde, Swain showcases a fierceness in her delivery that is fitting for the song’s theme of women empowerment. Bent Knee is currently touring in support of Thank You Scientist all through the U.S. and Canada, with the next New England stop being Hamden, CT at Space Ballroom on Jun 19th. The band is a new breed of itself and deserves an abundant listen below. - Rene Cobar


The Last Great Kings embrace indie-folk in debut LP, play Club Bohemia 08.02

The Last Great Kings invite you to sit back and enjoy the world around you, to the tune of vibrant acoustic guitars strings. The indie-folk trio from Lynn, MA released their debut full-length album Starry Eyed Kids back in January, and it is filled with tunes that highlight the band’s fluid basslines, lively acoustic guitars, and quick-witted drums patterns. Songs like “Wow, That’s a lot of Jet Skis” have the vital story-telling ingredients of folk, that great sing-along vibe that is characteristic of New England’s famous Irish pubs. The group has a style similar to Noah and the Whale, albeit a bit more playful and stripped down. You can catch The Last Great Kings Aug 2nd at Club Bohemia in Cambridge, MA. “Wow, That’s a lot of Jet Skis” is streaming below. - Rene Cobar


Folk-rock group Among The Acres release passionate debut record, play The Half Door tonight

Among The Acres aren't your typical New England folk band, they boast an impressive pop/rock magnetism that sets them apart from the flock. The group's debut record Looking In is evidence that this quartet from Hartford, CT focuses on layering their already passionate folk compositions with elements of rock and pop for added attraction. Songs like "Moon on Fire" (streaming) make full use of gorgeous string instrument harmonies that accompanied by a throbbing kick drum and a low but intense vocal melody explode into emotional choruses. Among The Acres add killer electric guitar riffs and shimmering piano notes to many of the album's tracks, which keep the listener pleasantly surprised, and solidify the group's place among folk-rock bands of the moment such as The Lumineers. You can catch Among The Acres playing a hometown show this evening at The Half Door with support from Old Fox. - Rene Cobar


Anonymous Friends showcase their ominous brand of post-punk in debut EP

April's release of ANONYMOUS FRIENDS START A BAND by Somerville's Anonymous Friends announced beyond just their debut that this group's music punches with some powerful hands. Reverb-heavy vocals are at the center of "Bury The Bones" a sonic vortex that pulls you in with its pounding drums, extended chords, incessant riffs, and thumping bass. Anonymous Friends take the pace of The Jesus Lizard, the experimental style of Polvo, and the darkness of Bauhaus to create an ominous brand of post-punk. The group recently played at O'Brien's in Allston and is gearing up for what is sure to be a busy summer for them. We got "Bury The Bones" for you below. - Rene Cobar