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Album Review - Pine & Battery: 2

In a current mainstream music climate that views each new song as a disposable commodity, solid musicianship is hard to come by. Which is why it is so refreshing to hear Pine & Battery’s new album, 2. The new release seamlessly blends the styles of Alternative, Rock and Pop into an epic statement to let down your walls and accept life as it comes. From the first track, to the last song front-man Jeff Campbell on guitar offers the perfect counterpoint to Andy Weller’s searing guitar leads while bassist AJ Leighton and drummer Rick Munoz lays down the perfect rock rhythm.

With the first song Alibi, the theme of the album is set as Campbell sings to there are no alibis left, he can see through the facade. With the problem identified, on the next song Brass Tacks Campbell tells us “It’s time to let go.” But even without listening to the words of Campbell’s strong vocals, the guitars throughout the next two songs and the entire album give the listener a sense of becoming free as they weave across the rhythm like a kid in a galactic playground.

The turning point of the album comes with the fifth track, Tide, which aptly lives up to its name as the song starts off with a somber guitar and drums that seem to roll in like the tide. In the song accepting what we have been given finally becomes clear as Campbell belts out “In spite of everything tides bring what they bring/ and wash you away before you’re gone.” With that, the song builds up to a crescendo then dissipates into a hopeful coda which setting up the next song Latest & Greatest perfectly as it rockets out the gate.

Finally our electric journey ends with the epic and brooding song God. In the song, Campbell leaves us admitting that he will never really for sure the mysteries of life and yet somehow he is ok with this. This sentiment is echoed nicely with the raw sweeping guitars that seem to reverberate across the dimensions of time. From start to finish, 2 is a solid listening experience which makes me wish there were more bands like Pine & Battery, who actually release statements with substance.

-Nick Codling

Check out Pine & Battery on April 23rd at Bottom of the Hill.


The Extraordinaires & Lux Perpetua Go Underground at Ava House April 6

It’s been brought to our attention that while we love spreading the word about talented artists who might not always get the recognition that they deserve, the location of the underground venues that they enjoy to perform at sometimes might be put in jeopardy by our desire for everyone to join in the fun. Well, we love our local DIY venues, especially the ones that run like “Thunderdome” (where no rules really apply) so we have no problem keeping your locations a secret. But if you have a venue that you want people to know about or not really know about except for the fact that you host some kick-ass music, please feel free to e-mail us at Now that being said, The Extraordinaires and Lux Perpetua will be hosting Detroit’s Chill Bite and Zoos of Berlin at Ava House. South Philly representing YO! (BTW: Will someone please open up a decent legal South Philly venue for me to see a show at already!?!) OK, if you want directions to Ava House, go to (telephone numbers and email addresses are on there as venue contacts) or email Tony at Otherwise, google (yup, you know that it’s a verb now, but should it be capitalized?) it, and get general directions to the area. Shhh…listen carefully for the music. Cheers! Ava House, (PLEASE READ ABOVE), 7pm, $5 donation, All Ages, - Q.D. Tran



Chi Don't Dance

BBU is blasting off! This is courtesy of the big boys at Pitchfork.



Townie Records announced today that they will be releasing the debut full-length album, Star, from Hey Champ on July 13th. The album will include the popular single “Cold Dust Girl” and the track below “Neverest”, and other details will be forthcoming. You can download both of those track from the trio’s website for free.


Michael Spencer Photography show opening


Deli contributor and freelance photographer Michael Spencer will be having an opening for his new exhibit Sublime Instance on April 6th at 8 PM at Christopher's (the restaurant next to TOAD). He will be showing thirteen photographs from his work at festivals, local shows and other musical adventures. He's phtographed, Moe. (above), Jesse Dee, Treat Her Right and many others. See more of his work HERE

Christopher's 1920 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA

-- The Deli Staff