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Kuf Knotz Signs to Mad Dragon Records

Just wanted to congratulate Kuf Knotz on signing to Drexel’s Mad Dragon Records! We’ve been crossing paths for years now, and I’ve had a close-up view of his career at many different stages so I know how much this means to him. If his name sounds vaguely familiar, Kuf has been hustlin’ around the Philly music scene for years now. He’s also received plenty of love from Helen Leicht and the XPN crew. Kuf was an essential part of the now defunct hip hop/rock collaborative BurnDown All Stars, and is currently with The Hustle, which he founded. There are also some hot tracks that he laid down with Mutlu and Dave Quicks as Subtle Ground. (But who knows if they’ll ever see the light of day?) I look forward to seeing Kuf’s pics from the road. The guy is a master action photographer. Look out for his solo album BoomBox Logic later this year. Cheers! - Q.D. Tran



Pitchfork Music Festival Coverage

We sent writer Neph Basedow to Pitchfork Music Festival this year to suffer through the Chicago heat, catch the local band when possible, and report back on the festival through her eyes. Here is her breakdown the bands she caught on Saturday.


Best of NYC #19: Woods

Woods are both simultaneously surreal and natural. The mellow, undemanding melodies, accompanied by falsetto vocals and a raw, rugged mountaineer’s attitude, construct a strongly bound and cohesive sound. Woods play a lo-fi, fuzzy soundtrack to a series of mental trips, always creating sounds that are more than the sum of their individual parts. Because they give off such a hip vibe, it’s sometime easy to forget that at the core of the tracks are beautiful vocal melodies – and though they certainly have pop sensibility, it never sounds trite or cheap. Guitar lines and grooves sometimes perfectly matching the melodies, sometimes seemingly random, but always work – just like Brooklyn. - Paul Dunn


The Day's Weight EP release tour


Vermont's The Day's Weight recently released a new EP which has been mixed by Paul Kolderie and Mastered by Jeff Lipton, both Boston legends who have worked with The Pixies and Radiohead to name a few. The Day’s Weight will be touring around the East Coast through July. Tonight they are at Arlene’s Grocery in Manhattan.

Thursday July 22nd - Garwood, New Jersey - The Crossroads

Friday July 23rd - Bethesda, Maryland - The Barking Dog

Friday July 30th - Situate, Massachusetts - The River Club

--The Deli Staff


Killer Moon on Giant System

The latest video on Giant System comes from Killer Moon. The will be performing at Metal Shaker on July 24th with Swan King and Iron Tongue.