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Poetry vs Hip-Hop LA
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Greenway Court Theat
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Watch Signals' peculiar new video for "In the Middle of the Night"

There's something unsettling about Signals' latest music video for "In the Middle of the Night." A stoic mannequin sings along to the towering, synth-laden electro-rock of Brendan Byrnes and Ian Vargo. The cut has a grainy film look that adds a certain menacing effect—as if we're watching some futuristic art installation unfold—where a projected image attempts to personalize the duo's heart-rending lyrical effusions. Perhaps it's that contrast of melodic buoyancy and mechanical expression that makes it all the more confounding. It's best to leave it to open interpretation, after all, though it does add another layer to a sonically textured song that is otherwise pouring with optimism (though behind the joyful intent it describes a romantic dissolution with chilling effect). 

"In the Middle of the Night" is featured on Signals' self-titled EP, out now via their official SoundCloud page and all streaming platforms. Juan Rodríguez


Lomelda 'M for Empathy' is a candid reflection on communication breakdown

Hannah Read—who goes by the stage name Lomelda—writes intimate songs that elicit big, tender-hearted emotions. Read’s latest album, M for Empathy, is designed in minute-long sketches that detail the pains of loneliness and fraught relationships.  She fingerpicks with a classical guitar—a sole companion through this bittersweet 16-minute musical portrait—which embellishes her inward-looking thoughts. 

M for Empathy is the follow-up to 2017’s breakthrough album Thx, out now via Double whammy Records. You can stream the album in its entirety on all streaming platforms. Catch her opening for Big Thief at The Irenic in San Diego on April 20. Juan Rodríguez


Pinky Pinky's "Do Me Dirty (Charlie)" is breezy, salacious fun

Pinky Pinky first brought a luscious punk attitude to their garage jams on their self-titled debut EP. On their new single, "Do Me Dirty (Charlie)," the young trio—vocalist/drummer Anastasia Sanchez, guitarist Isabelle Fields, bassist Eva Chambers—applies a breezy, humorous quality to their retro-sounding jangle pop. The track's swinging, Merseybeat groove comes from a familiar place, but it's also unlike anything else, as they bring forth a puppy love melody to their otherwise lustful affirmation. 

"Do Me Dirty (Charlie)" is the first offering following their Hot Tears EP. Juan Rodríguez



Alt Pop

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Youth Basketball
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The Hotel Cafe