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01.24: Trends paint dream pop picture with show at The Roar Room

On January 24th, dream pop quartet Trends will mark the release of their debut album Palettes with a colorful show at The Roar Room. Trends has grown from lead vocalist Marina Paiz's lo-fi solo project to a four-piece indie powerhouse, creating songs that expand from soft and introspective musings to rapid-fire proclamations in both sound and verse. Palettes has the band processing life's complex moments through song; on tracks like "Ampersand" and "Blanket Party", Trends explore grief and missed opportunity, as well as what we do to cope and make our own way through our lives. Take a look at the music video for "Branches", a single from Palettes, below. - Will Sisskind 


Singer-songwriter Lily Kershaw releases new LP "Arcadia", announces tour dates

Singer-songwriter Lily Kershaw put out Arcadia, her new album and follow-up to 2018's acclaimed EP Lost Angeles, late last year, but this winter she'll tour through Europe and the States to support the release. As her most intimate release to date, songs like "Always & Forever" showcase the passion and emotion behind Kershaw's voice, as well as the rich arrangements backing her newest poetic and observant lyrics. Kershaw's tour will take her Amsterdam, Munich, Paris, and London in late January and February; after a short break, she'll visit San Francisco and San Diego before heading out to the East Coast. Take a look at the video for "Always & Forever" below. - Will Sisskind


Alexandra Savior releases transcendental new album "The Archer"

Alexandra Savior has seen many places up and down the West Coast, and all of her experiences have led to the creation of The Archer, her sophomore studio album. Savior delivers her wistful lyrics in a voice and with arrangements that will remind indie fans of Lana Del Rey, with songs incorporating elements that are soft and airy as well as abrasive and thundering in their proclamations. The album focuses on feelings of isolation, as the inspiration came from an unhealthy relationship that Savior didn't realize she was in. The music video for the title track focuses on Super 8-filmed grim scenes of a lighthouse in Port Townsend, WA, which symbolize the mood of being in that relationship at the time. Take a look at the video below, and make sure to check out the rest of Savior's work on The Archer. - Will Sisskind


Hear Bee Appleseed's cosmic soul shine on "I Was Dreaming"

Bee Appleseed will release his new psych folk album Starflower's Cosmic Soul on February 21st, but he has already shared a small part of his ethereal sound in the single "I Was Dreaming". The jangle pop of Bee Appleseed takes from Devendra Banhart and Beirut and tacks on the powerful wail of a saxophone, which matched with Appleseed's voice creates a sound that embodies the meaning of spirit. Backed by a 15-piece band and a cloud of incense, Appleseed uses every facet of his musical ability to craft tracks that seek to help listeners find their own cosmic soul. Take a listen to "I Was Dreaming" below, and look out for Starflower's Cosmic Soul in February. - Will Sisskind


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