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Globes on Remote

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The Woo Hoo Hoo
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<p><font size="2">The blissful electropop of Globes On Remote is meant to be absorbed while cruising the SoCal coast in a convertible with the top down, or sweating out your anxieties in a heated dance-off.</font><i><font size="2"> The Woo Hoo Hoo</font></i><font size="2">&nbsp;mixes the guilty pleasures of '80s synth-pop and early '90s dance music with Beatles-esque harmonies and infectious vocals alternately reminiscent of Guster (&ldquo;Space Camp&rdquo;), Prince (&ldquo;West Coast Kids&rdquo;), and&nbsp;</font><i><font size="2">Yoshimi</font></i><font size="2">-era Flaming Lips (&ldquo;Dance Of The Gravitrons&rdquo;). That&rsquo;s not to say that the band&rsquo;s music is entirely derivative&mdash;the warming familiarity of the bouncing synths, crunchy guitars, and sunny lines like &ldquo;Let&rsquo;s all go ride bicycles&rdquo; are countered by textured electronic layers and nuances that make for plenty of heady headphone discoveries on repeated listens.&nbsp;</font><i><font size="2">The Woo Hoo Hoo</font></i><font size="2">&nbsp;is a perfectly packaged pop debut album that showcases a new band with nowhere to go but up. -Hannis Brown</font></p>

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Joe Firstman avoids bugging neighbors in new LP process, tours through February

Up until early 2009, singer/songwriter Joe Firstman played bandleader for NBC's Last Call With Carson Daly before the program's restructuring. Since then, the soulful Firstman has been putting together El Porto, his latest LP and fifth overall release documenting life between the El Porto coast and Venice Beach. Luckily, his neighbors never called the cops: "For three months, my neighbors were tortured with the slow, often painful incarnations of the music blasting out of the windows of my house/studio," Firstman said. "And they never complained, even when we recorded a full horn section in my living room." When it's worth hearing, it'd be a crime to call the cops.

Joe Firstman plays the Hotel Cafe on Jan. 21 | 21+ -- El Porto releases Jan. 26


Everest finishes up sophomore LP, fills new material void with video for "Reloader"

Everest | "Reloader"
Dir. by Anthony Crawford

After touring alongside Neil Young last year, Americana outfit Everest hid out in a northern California chicken farm to record their yet-to-be-titled sophomore album. Now completed, the guys are laying low until release with a coinciding tour and reflecting on the process: “Although we were in a beautiful space, the work became more challenging and it was really one of the toughest experiences for the band thus far," said lead vocalist Russell Pollard. In the meantime, check out their video for "Reloader" which includes footage from their infamous journey with the legendary singer/songwriter.


Despite retina-destroying announcements, FMLY kicks off '10 with small Cali tour

Happy New Year! After a few days off to plan our Best Artists of 2009 polling extravaganza and other holiday shenanigans, The Deli LA is back!  We would have participated in the indie music blogosphere's annual tradition of creating arbitrary and self-congratulatory best-of/worst-of lists, but we were too busy putting that power into your hands. Details on that to follow later today

To ring in the new year, our friends at FMLY and Lots O' Crap Magazine are traveling a small California tour with a slew of the avant-garde in the mix. The 6-city tour kicks off Tuesday night at The Smell and hosts Former Ghosts, Railcars, Professor Calculus, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jules Verne, and Mother Mackenzie. Tuesday | The Smell | All Ages | $5

Other dates on the bill below (we are not responsible for the epilepsy that this epic flier may induce):