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Listen to Manuel the Band's slick, intricate new single "Breathe," play Basement Tavern on 6/29

On their new single, "Breathe," Manuel the Band counterbalance their slick, indie-rock sound with tuneful, intricate glides. The Long Beach quintet let a mellow, bass-driven melody guide their groove, gradually intensifying into a big, horn-driven finish. Vocalist Manuel Grajeda sings with passionate fervor over a gentle background harmony, transformed by the intimacy of physical contact.   

"Breathe" is the latest single off Manuel the Band's forthcoming debut full-length, Room for Complication. Catch them at Basement Tavern in Santa Monica on June 29, as well as in various venues surrounding the Long Beach area throughout July. - Juan Rodríguez


Party Nails' "Effexor" is an instant mood booster

Effexor can “treat depression, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder." However, “Effexor” by Party Nails can cure awkward silences, 5 o’clock traffic blues, lame parties, and is a general mood booster. Elana Belle Carroll’s new single, “Effexor,” is an intoxicating blend of dream-pop and indie-rock that has an indescribable vibe. Her wide variety of spunky and uplifting tunes will be the unofficial kick off to the summer, which started June 20th, and is the perfect banger to shoo those winter blues. - Kayla Hay


Goon releases new single "Check Engine Light," debut LP out 7/19

There's a weary quality to Goon frontman Kenny Becker's optimistic sentiment. "Alright/Okay/I'm walking on sunshine all the time," Becker sings on "Check Engine Light," subsumed by the anxiety that consumes his thoughts. His words may be sincere, but his dry tone says otherwise. And just like that indicator lamp that nags one to no end, it's a feeling that's better not to ignore—before it gets any worse.  

Goon's fourth single off their full-length debut, Heaven is Humming, continues their solid streak of hook-driven scuzz rock—a sound they've been refining since the release of 2016's Dusk of Pink -EP. Check out the band's forthcoming headline release show at Echoplex on July 18. It's out July 19 via Partisan Records. - Juan Edgardo Rodríguez



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Jessica Gerhardt
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The Hotel Cafe
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Rose Dorn deal with their unease on charming new single, "Shaking"

"Shaking," the new track by San Fernando Valley trio Rose Dorn, fools you at first—it begins with a wispy, sticky-sweet melody that quickly descends into a slow, shambling manner. That changing mood suits the indie-pop band's downcast theme, having been inspired by the coping mechanisms people use to fend off trauma. Nevertheless, they're able to make it land with a wholesome, bright melody. Bar None Records recently signed the band, and you can see why—their keen sense of melody fits right at home with the label's past and present, from The Feelies' post-2000's jangle-pop to Happyness' winding indie-rock. 

"Shaking" is the first single off Rose Dorn's forthcoming full-length debut album, Days You Were Leaving, due out August 23. Juan Rodríguez