Avi Sic "Human"

Producer/DJ Avi Sic has released a new single called "Human". Up until last year this talented DJ had been constantly touring the country and performing up to 300 shows a year, but in 2020 she had to find another way to express herself. She released five single in 2020, and "Human" is her first new single of 2021.

She also recently joined Only Fans to share live sets, exclusive remixes, and DJ lessons.


Aziola Cry "And Cowards"

Instrumental Prog Metal group Aziola Cry has released visuals for the latest single and opening track, "And Coward", from their forthcoming album, The Ironic Divide, which is set to be released on March 26th.

This is the trio of Jason Blake on Warr Guitar, Mike Milaniak on guitar, and Tommy Murray on drums, and this will be the band's third album.


Lifeguard "Receiver"

Lifeguard has released a new single via Chunklet Industries called "Receiver" which finds the trio exploring a more forceful, explosive sound. The single is accompanied by a new b-side called "Sun Ra Jane" and both tracks leave us wanting more from Isaac Lowenstein, Kai Slater, and Asher Case.

Lifeguard will be performing live, outdoors, at Fitzgerald's on April 10th at 1pm.


Neptune's Core "Turning Red"

Neptune's Core has released the first single, "Turning Red", from their forthcoming album which is due out this summer.

This is the work of two sets of sisters, Sofia Richter, Jacqueline Cywinski, Hannah Richter, and Kaitlin Cywinski, and this is the first new music from the youthful group since the release of their debut album, Can't Have It All, back in August of 2020.


Folie "CLEAN2"

Folie has released the first single, "CLEAN2", from her forthcoming mixtape, 123!, which is due out on March 25th via Dog Show Records. The new single features Bean Boy and is accompanied by a Harrison Wyrick and Parker Davis animated video.

Folie (aka Jae) was born in New York but is now based in Chicago alongside likeminded creators Dylan Brady and Gupi.