Spiritual Mick "Muncher Madness (Or The Democracy of Killing Everything That Moves)"

Spiritual Mick has taken over the group that was once The Curls and released a new single called "Muncher Madness (Or The Democracy of Killing Everything That Moves)". The single is almost as warped and twisted as the New Trash created video which is designed to be and introductory video to gain a higher understanding on whats to come.


Lou Heneise "Bad Day"

We are proud to be able to premiere the first single, "Bad Day", off the forthcoming debut EP "Trial & Error" from Singer-songwriter Lou Heneise.

Lou blends Americana and folk traditions with raw, honest, and endearing lyrics. "Bad Day" will be officially released on March 26th and "Trial & Error" will be out April 9th.

Photo by Paul Vriend


The Bellow & The Whale "Wild Dogs Howling"

The Bellow & The Whale have released a new EP called "Wild Dogs Howling". This is the first new music from the duo of Bianca Bernard Black & Julia Lee Norris since the release of their debut EP, "The Noise Still Lingers", back in December.

The duo creates a sound that bends genres like soul, folk, and pop into something unique and beautiful peaceful.

The second single from their 2020 EP is called "Right By My Side" and is accompanied by an amazing video featuring the talented dancer Michaela Parks.


The Gelheads "Tail Lights"

Post Punk group The Gelheads are celebrating 20 years as a band by releasing a new EP called "Tail Lights".

These songs are taken from a 2005 recording session that was previously thought to be lost and is the first new music from the group since 2003's "Stars Motel".


The Foons "Mind Me"

The Foons recently released the second single, "Mind Me", from their forthcoming project called "Breakfast?". This is the Synth heavy rock of Erik Rothlind, Ross Donewald, and brothers Taed, Sam, and Will Cejtin.

You can catch The Foons performing live on April 9th at Lincoln Yards (1684 N. Throop).