Background Character "MK Ultra Lord"

Background Character have released the first single, "MK Ultra Lord", from their forthcoming sophomore album, I Can See the Future, which is due out on November 20th.

You can help the duo celebrate the new album on November 20th at Downstairs (at Subt) with The Off Days, OK Cool, and Salt Creek.


Nequient "Collective Punishment"

D-Beat thrashers Nequient are back with a new EP called "Collective Punishment". This four song collection features two previously unreleased songs, "Collective Punishment" and "Strange Death of Kings", and two pounding live recordings.

You can catch Nequient at Reggie's on December 4th as part of the Peace Simulation Midwest Pop Up.


Album Premiere: AM Higgins 'Hymning'

We are honored to be able to premiere the debut album, Hymning, from Chicago native Annie Toth (aka AM Higgins).

The gorgeous Folk Pop album works to document the first few years of Toth's journey leaving Chicago for her current home in France. The album's latest single, "Anchors", was released last month and is accompanied by the video below.

For this project Toth is joined by Jason Toth (The Handsome Family, Daniel Knox) on drums and Joshua Dumas (Mending) on electronics.

Hymning is officially out tomorrow, November 5th, via the French label Victorialand.


Single Premiere: The Thin Cherries "Trouble Lights"

We are proud to be able to premiere the first single, "Trouble Lights", by The Thin Cherries from their forthcoming album, Weird World, which is due out in 2022.

This is the first new music from the group since the release of their 2018 album on Moose Island.

The Thin Cherries were founded by vets Steven Delisi (guitar and vocals; formerly of Phenomenal Cat) and Mark Lofgren (bass and vocals; formerly of The Luck of Eden Hall) and they are joined by multi-instrumentalist Darren Shepherd, drummer Gabriel Palomo and Birdie Soti on keyboards & synths.

"Trouble Lights" will be officially released tomorrow, November 5th.


Video Premiere: Uma Bloo "Never Know Me"

We are proud to be able to premiere the latest single and video, "Never Know Me", from the multi-talented Uma Bloo (aka Molly Madden).

This is the first single from Madden's forthcoming album Don't Drive Into the Smoke which is due on March 23rd via Earth Libraries.

When asked what she hopes listeners will take away from this new song she had this to say; "As long as you’re in touch with the truth of yourself, no one can devalue you. The closer you are to yourself, the more discernment you have for the people you’re dealing with."