The Neighborhood Threat "Razorblade"

Garage Rock group The Neighborhood Threat have released a new single called "Razorblade". This is the first new music from the group since their 2021 live EP, "Live at E.S.S.".

This is the work of Kevin Murphy (Vocal), Derek Schlax (Rhythm Guitar), Quinn Pokora (Lead Guitar), Alec Montoya (Bass Guitar), and Dave Catanese (Drums).

You can catch The Neighborhood Threat at Reggie's Music Joint on June 18th with Scarlet Demore and Wine Lips.


Concave Reflection "SkyDreams"

Concave Reflection (of Purelink) has released a new EP filled with beautifully intricate ambient music called "SkyDreams".

You can catch Concave Reflection as part of Purelink, along side Milla and Kindtree, tomorrow, June 16th, at International Museum of Surgical Science with CS + Kreme.


Geek'd "Astræthesia"

Geek'd has released a new single called "Astræthesia".

This is the hazy dream pop of Christian Moreno, and this is his second single of 2022 following up February's "Trippy Dippy". For this new single he is joined by Rebecca Gaspelin (Vocals and Synth) and Vince Ippolito (Guitar).


Wild Gravity "Red Sky"

Synth Rock duo Wild Gravity have released the latest single, "Red Sky", from their forthcoming debut album Initial Transmissions.

This is the work of Ken Ugel (guitars) and Phil O’Reilly (vocals), and "Red Sky" is the third single of 2022 and fifth overall.


The Breathing Light "Love Buss Down"

Punk trio The Breathing Light have released their latest EP, "Love Buss Down", via Don't Panic Records. This marks their first vinyl release and first new music since 2018.