Cool Kids @ Reggie's Tonight!

What’s better than The Cool Kids, stop motion, and action figures? The Cool Kids live and in person. Don't miss The Cool Kids at Reggies' tonight with Bun B and Chip The Ripper. Tickets are $20.


Last Minute Plans: Blane Fonda @ The Bottom Lounge

2009 has been quite a year in the life of Blane Fonda. Also, it's been the only year - way back in 2008 Blane was just a glimmer in the eyes of Blane's forbearers. Within this year, we've been extremely fortunate with great shows and support here at home, and more recently, some memorable shows out of town. So many thanks to everyone who has helped us so far.

There's lots of fun stuff in the works for Blane in 2010, but before we get to that, we're closing out 2009 with our last show of the year here in Chicago. Tonight, December 10, Blane Fonda joins Bamboo Shoots (Epic Records) and The Embraceables for a show at Bottom Lounge. It's a big room they got at Bottom Lounge so hopefully there will be lots of bodies in there. If not, we're changing our name to the Island Margarita Dads and moving to Hilton Head where vacationers will buy us drinks and we can sing songs of adventure at sea, probably. – Charlie Nadler


Optimus Maximus

I’ve been meaning to write about Gatekeeper for a while now, and I just found out that No Coast has a few copies available so I thought now was a good time. Back in October Fright Records released the latest EP from the frighteningly talented producer Gatekeeper. Optimus Maximus is a dark and electronic album that delves into the depths of the macabre. The album is available digitally at I-tunes, but I recommend the limited edition granite colored vinyl edition. Fright is a strange German label “dedicated to exploring the realm of serial killer symphonies for back alley discos of the macabre.” Gatekeeper was their first signing and clearly a perfect fit.


All I Want For Christmas is Moneypenny

If you weren’t already thrown into the Christmas spirit by the massive amounts of wet snow on the sidewalks this morning then let Moneypenny finish the job with another great mixtape. Spandexxxmas Mixtape (mp3) features some classics, lots of samples, and dance tracks from Felix Da Housecat, Green Velvet ft. Kid Sis, Fatboy Slim, and more. Moneypenny has also produced a Christmas single of their own which consists of two covers. The “A” side is “Christmas Time is Here” (from Peanuts) (mp3) and the “B” side is surprisingly a cover of Joy Division “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (mp3). Nothing says Christmas like Joy Division.

Moneypenny will be performing a DJ set at sponsored by Puma and DJ Hero at Belmont Army Surplus on December 9th. They will also be hosting “After Dark” at The Art Institute on December 11th, and playing a live set at Darkroom’s Ghosts of Christmas on December 12th.



Meah!, a wild garage-funk band out of the Pilsen neighborhood, released a spastic 7” on Sophomore Lounge Records this past September. The other side of the 7” was provided the Louisville band Phantom Family Halo. Meah! contributed two tracks and the first is called Kids/Summer and it is aggressive, unpredictable, pure fun on vinyl. Meah! has been a part of the scene for the last three years, and have gained a reputation for loud and uncontrollable live sets. You can stream both tracks on Meah! myspace page.