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<p>With their new album,&nbsp;<em>Facade,</em>&nbsp;<a href="">I Was Awake</a>&nbsp;has released upon the world a substantial effort that shows the versatility and raw talent of the five-piece metal group. &nbsp;Weaving together a dynamic web of prog, metal, and alt-rock&nbsp;that invokes the greatness of bands like The Deftones and Porcupine Tree, while maintaining an original and modern energy, the boys from Beverly, MA have created a deeply engaging sound that will keep this album on heavy rotation. &nbsp;From beginning to end, each track shows a different facet of the group, starting with the title track, a one and a half minute crescendo leading up to the hard hitting &quot;Erasing&quot;, filled with chunky guitars and mixed meter grooves. &nbsp;<em>Facade </em>is a journey, maintaining those strong grooves, taking periodic stops for high-energy riffs (&quot;Gravity&quot;) and softer dynamics (&quot;As Within...&quot;, &quot;...So Without&quot;). &nbsp;If thought provoking lyricism and intelligent songwriting is your thing, then I Was Awake will likely become a new favorite. &nbsp;Give <em>Facade </em>a listen (or twelve) and keep your eyes open for live performances in 2017. <em>-Brian Varneke</em></p>

Ethereal songwriter Julie Byrne releases sophomore LP on 01.27 at Rough Trade

Active since the beginning of the current decade (calling it the "10s" sounds still kinda weird), Brooklyn songwriter Julie Byrne writes and performs meditative and sparse songs, always accompanied by her acoustic guitar and a fair amount of reverb on her delicately sensuous vocals. Her 2014 album 'Rooms with Walls and Windows' did remarkably well, becoming a testament to the power of the song in its most naked format. Julie recently announced a new LP, entitled 'Not Even Happiness,' scheduled to drop on January 2017, with a release party at Rough Trade on the 27th. Check out preview single 'Natural Blue,' streaming below.


Darrin Bradbury crafts narrative Americana on new album

Sometimes you just need some home-cooked Americana music, and Darrin Bradbury serves up just that. On Elmwood Park, the Nashville artist's latest release, Bradbury forges strong narratives, and crafts meaningful stories behind each song. It's music-as-vingettes, and though his sound is simple, and his voice is perhaps rough around the edges, his music reads like soul food. Check out Darrin Bradbury streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni



Aaron Abernathy serves up soulful R&B on new album "Monologues"

Aaron Abernathy could be the future of R&B. With soulful vocals, angular synths and soaring guitar leads that could have been snatched straight from a Prince album, the DC-based artist's latest album, Monologues, is a a funky R&B album that you don't want to skip over. The DC-based artist sets his compelling instrumentals against poignant, smart lyricism, yeilding songs that seem to honor past R&B sounds, but have their eyes set to the future. Check out Aaron Abernathy streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni 


New STS LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Stocked with a full complement of emcees, producers and singers, Ladies Night, the new album from STS, arrives as the year draws to a close. Available via Artists First, the collection of songs serves as the soundtrack to a Friday night at the club. The sharp-witted, smooth-talking emcee continues to deliver the goods, backed by dance-catalyzing beats, soulful vocals, and a commanding confidence that sets the wheels in motion.