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Shawn Maxwell’s New Tomorrow

Shawn Maxwell’s New Tomorrow is an innovative Jazz quintet consisting of Shawn Maxwell (alto sax/clarinet/flute), Chad McCullough (trumpet), Matt Nelson (piano/rhodes), Junius Paul (bass), and Phil Beale (drums). This week they released their sophomore album, Music in My Mind, via Origin Records. Below is the album's lead track, “Our Princess Is In Another Castle”.

The record release event for the album will take place on May 31st at Constellation.


O Mer talks about gear on Delicious Audio + plays Berlin on May25th

Brooklyn by way of Tel Aviv artist O Mer employs DAW, synths and electric guitar to create minimalistic pop gems that are as catchy as they are arresting. Started as a one man band, the project has recently expanded to comprise a full band, which has brought the sound to new heights of sonic refinement. O Mer will be performing live at Berlin on May 25th, check out the video for single Icarus, streaming below.

Our friends at Delicious Audio asked O Mer a few questions about the creative process and his favorite gear, you can read the Q&A here. - Photo by Noel Woodford


Byzantine Time Machine's New Single

Byzantine Time Machine released a new single last week called “Trapped in the Sultan’s Palace” via Outtallectuals. The trio of George Lawler, Eve Monzingo, and Ronnie Malley came together to create this mixture world and electronic music. The piece features heavily the G Clarinet and a Middle Eastern instrument called the Oud.



Mindswimmer is a futuristic jazz quintet and they recently released a new single called “Nephology”. The track feature spoken word from Chicago’s Race Bannon.

This is the group’s second single in 2018, with the first being “Elevation” which was released by Evanston’s Stellar Nursery Records back in March. The label is run by three member’s of Mindswimmer and will be releasing the group debut LP in the coming months.