Palm Offering Sonic Refuge Tonight at Goldy's

Gray skies continue to blanket the area, however, this evening’s show at Goldy’s offers a sonic refuge. With a four-pronged experimental psych-rocking arsenal, Palm drifts into the unknown, off the traditional path. The purposefully abrupt deviations develop a sense of anticipatory tension, pushing each song forward to an undisclosed location. Guitars twist in a murky dissonance as the juxtaposing vocals, a ghostly calm, penetrates the periphery. The smattering of backend, meanwhile, provides a steadying hand. Tonight, Palm will joined by the disenchanted daydream of Old Maybe and the introspective experimentation of Microsoft Saint. The innovative exploits of Atlanta’s Hellier Ulysses cap this imaginative evening.  - Goldy's, 723 Chestnut St. - 3FL, $7, 8pm, All Ages – Michael Colavita


Go retro with Savants at Alphaville on 5.12

Sometimes that 'play' button is nothing short than a time machine, and as far as Brooklyn four piece Savants are concerned, one that invariably takes you back to the late '60s. With a heavier focus on organ riffs and keys as opposed to the guitar-centric psych rock that’s surfaced recently, it’s not difficult to draw comparisons to classic psych bands like The Doors. No song is clearer proof of this than “Death Rattle & Roll” (streaming below), which opens with pithy 'legato' Hammond chords a la' Ray Manzarek and is followed closely by echoing electric guitars. The vocals, which sound washed out and muted, interlace between all the instruments with an appropriate lo-fi, bluesy feel. You can catch Savants live at Alphaville on May 12, or at Baby's All Right on May 26th.


Oakland Outfit NineteenEightyEight Release Debut Album

Oakland's NineteenEightyEight (aka 1988) has released their debut album! NineteenEightyEight started as the bedroom project of Luis Gutierrez, drummer of much-loved, psychedelic post-rock band Religious Girls, however, live 1988 has grown into a full band featuring revolving contributors from the Bay area music scene. NineteenEightyEight occupies a late-night dreamspace, where the drive of Post Punk crosses over with disco rhythms, horror movie atmosphere, and wasted, ghostly vocals meet washed out guitars and synths, creating a singular vibe not locked into any particular time or place. Check out their music and support up and coming local bands!


Trish Keenan Duo Dives Into the Abyss at W/N W/N May 6

A folksy, echoing, psychedelic ambiance persists as one dives into the abyss better known as the sonic waves of Trish Keenan Duo. While the layers envelop a somewhat eerie, meditative state, the music constructs itself. Not so distant vibrations shake off the baggage of the everyday, allowing the internal speculations to temporarily rise to the surface as they seek illumination. The multi-faceted, electro-noise pop combination of Flesh Prince and the rich elusive instrumental tunes of R.R. Perkins help to mold this evening at W/N W/N. With a freshly released album Trix Shadow Yogurt, the industrial experimentation of Baltimore’s Kryz Kniv completes this lineup of sonic manipulators. W/N W/N, 931 Spring Garden St., 8pm, All Ages - Michael Colavita


Dead Leaf Echo premieres new single + plays Sunnyvale on 05.14

We are happy to premiere Brooklyn Dream Wave purveyors Dead Leaf Echo's new single "" exclusively on The Deli Mag today. The A Side of a split 7" with The Harrow on Moon Sounds Records, the track officially drops on May 13th. A limited edition 'Lathe cut' 7" vinyl has already sold out, however digital copies can still be ordered. Amid an opening wash of guitar atmospherics, prominent glockenspiel accents add dramatic sonic emphasis creating a cinematic feeling of slow motion water droplets. The percussion is forceful, yet kept purposely minimal, giving the bell chime accents space to highlight significant lyrical moments. Returning to themes explored on their imaginative full length album “Thought & Language,” this story is told from a mother's perspective. With Ana’s emotional vocals stating “a memory trace of a child’s life in repeat -glass will break and pain will stain.” Check out also the B Side 'Dirty Minds.' The band will make a television appearance during MNN’s The Special Without Brett Davis on May 11, with a full record release show on May 14 at Sunnyvale. - Dave Cromwell