Indie Rock

The King of Mars @ Subt

The King of Mars released their new EP, Cookie Cutter Dreams, today. Below is the track "Bendict Arnold" from the new EP.

You help The King of Mars celebrate the release of their EP on October 21st at Subterrranean.


New Track: "I Never Wanted To Hurt You" - Dark Blue

Dark Blue will drop their sophomore LP, Start Of The World, on November 4, via 12XU. It’s first auditory sampling, “I Never Wanted To Hurt You,” harnesses a grimy but melodic trudge forward as John Sharkey III surveys his past in a personal, controlled bellow. Catch the band’s WKDU-presented record release show on that same evening at Everybody Hits!


Forma releases LP 'Physicalist' + performs at The Good Room on 11.02

Brooklyn-based, instrumental electro trio Forma released their third full-length album Physicalist on September 23rd, and are now ready to bring their new, hypnotic sound to the stage. The album contains astonishing soundscapes, mostly carved from synchronized arpeggiators and atmospheric pad sounds.The title track (streaming below) id founded on a loose rhythmic foundation created by drum machines and swelling arpeggiated synths. But it is the organic breath of flute that carries the piece and creates an expansive sonic dimension. Experience Forma live at The Good Room on November 2nd (the show was moved from Market Hotel). - Ashley Muniz



Options is the solo project of recording engineer and musician Seth Engels. With it, he pushes the bedroom-pop aesthetic to its technical limits, successfully weaving together high-end songcraft with quality production that is often not found in the variety of genres in which his music lands upon. Constructed independently from the ground up, his newest release, Maxed Out, is now available via Sooper Records. Options will be starting his tour down to The Fest later this week in support of the new record.


Mood Music: Small Leaks Sink Ships - "Window"

 As yet another Monday rears its head back and breathes fire onto the end of weekend's laziness, let's attempt to make the best of it with a new track from Small Leaks Sink Ships. The quartet just signed to Lefse Records earlier this month, coinciding with the release of "Window."

"Window" shows Small Leaks Sink Ships doing what they do best - mashing math rock with Sunny Day Real Estate-esque emo that's both nostalgically pleasing and refreshingly new. They've faced a lot of crap in their day (which you can read about HERE) and have still forged on, making them true #goals of inspiration for making it through anything hellish.

Give "Window" a listen below.