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Summer Underground vs. post 2016 election alienation

NYC duo Summer Underground released their endearing full-length album More Than a Friend, Less Than a Lover over the past summer, but their music feels appropriately therapeutic in these strange days of November, when many of us are wondering if their neighbors have any human feelings. Single "Back to Chicago" is a charming track that embodies the power of simplicity and its potential to stir up emotion. Through their poetic and intimate lyrics, Chrissy Sandman and Grant Carey's delicate, harmonized vocals evoke the image of a couple experiencing nostalgic thoughts about one another. The minimalistic, folky, electric background serves the song well, unifying the track with a sense of calm, comfort, a tinge of longing, and a very much needed hint of hope. Listen to the single below, and the entire record here. - Ashley Muniz


Live Review: Slow Hollows at Teragram Ballroom 11/4

Sans the winding roads and $15 parking lots near Teragram Ballroom, Slow Hollows' album release party was a considerable success, drawing kids from as far out as Antelope Valley and Pomona to Los Angeles' decadent sidestreets. A gaggle of selfies were taken while waiting around the Ballroom's characteristic marquee, and at 9PM Danger Collective's BOYO (fka Bobby T. and the Slackers) had Robert Tilden promptly lulling the crowd—the band released their EP "machines" on Halloween. High school sweethearts and rowdy teens were thrown together as The Buttertones ripped through their setlist, which included songs from 2015's acclaimed western American Brunch. Someone lost their car keys, and someone else lost a shoe. At least four teens crowdsurfed, but everyone just stood and swayed and collectively sighed to the songs off Romantic, introduced by a very modest, somewhat blasé, endearingly ineffectual frontman and songwriter Austin Feinstein. The crowd just went like, yeah.

Slow Hollows supports Cherry Glazerr on their 2016/2017 Winter Tour, starting 12/27 in Fresno. - Ryan Mo



Do you like extreme sports and fireworks? This new Wine Lips video has it all. Can't go wrong with some skateboarding and this Toronto garage trio causes all kinds of mischief in their video for "Dead Beat". An absolute ripper track from their debut EP. It's got a solid rhythm section packin a punch and giving you constant body shots. Meanwhile the guitar is just flippin' out...If you're into the California garage scene you'll dig Wine Lips. Excellent party music. Go see em on Friday at The Central with Jean Daddy and Possum. - Kris Gies




The word Spectre always reminds me of Twisted Metal for Playstation...Anyways, Spectre Hearts are a Toronto band that call themselves trashwave. That's a somewhat accurate description. Not very trashy though...actually more catchy. They released an EP in September titled "Preludes". "Glass Cannons" is the second track on the album and along with the new wave influences, this track incorporates a funky verse section along with a dreamy pop chorus. Download the EP on their bandcamp page today! - Kris Gies



Dearly Beloved is one of the top bands to come out of Toronto in recent years. They seem to spend a lot of time over in Europe but they have dropped some wildly intense tunes over the years. Main man Rob Higgins sings and absolutely shreds the bass at the same time. They recently released a video for the brand new track "I Tried To Leave". It's a straight up ripper that would make Josh Homme nod his head with approval. The connection is aleady there as Dearly Beloved have worked with Homme collaborators Chris Goss and Dave Catching in the past. They have had tunes in the past that stretch their creativity more than on this tune but crank this bad boy up and honestly...just giver... - Kris Gies