Indie Rock


Do you like extreme sports and fireworks? This new Wine Lips video has it all. Can't go wrong with some skateboarding and this Toronto garage trio causes all kinds of mischief in their video for "Dead Beat". An absolute ripper track from their debut EP. It's got a solid rhythm section packin a punch and giving you constant body shots. Meanwhile the guitar is just flippin' out...If you're into the California garage scene you'll dig Wine Lips. Excellent party music. Go see em on Friday at The Central with Jean Daddy and Possum. - Kris Gies




The word Spectre always reminds me of Twisted Metal for Playstation...Anyways, Spectre Hearts are a Toronto band that call themselves trashwave. That's a somewhat accurate description. Not very trashy though...actually more catchy. They released an EP in September titled "Preludes". "Glass Cannons" is the second track on the album and along with the new wave influences, this track incorporates a funky verse section along with a dreamy pop chorus. Download the EP on their bandcamp page today! - Kris Gies



Dearly Beloved is one of the top bands to come out of Toronto in recent years. They seem to spend a lot of time over in Europe but they have dropped some wildly intense tunes over the years. Main man Rob Higgins sings and absolutely shreds the bass at the same time. They recently released a video for the brand new track "I Tried To Leave". It's a straight up ripper that would make Josh Homme nod his head with approval. The connection is aleady there as Dearly Beloved have worked with Homme collaborators Chris Goss and Dave Catching in the past. They have had tunes in the past that stretch their creativity more than on this tune but crank this bad boy up and honestly...just giver... - Kris Gies




Besides having a sweet name, Jean Daddy plays some deadly garage punk tunes. They put together some fast n heavy rock tunes that'll make you drive like a maniac and pretty much make you not give a fuck in general. Listen to Salmon Candy to know what I'm talking about. This 4 piece band from Kitchener will be in Toronto on Friday Night at the Central with Wine Lips and Possum. - Kris Gies


Surf-Rock Group, Shark Rider, Release Sun-Drenched Debut EP "A Day In Paradise"

Local surf-rock quartet, Shark Rider, features members from various other Austin bands that found commonality in the sun-drenched Summer vibes of rowdy beach music. Borrowing heavily from classic surf-rock pioneers like the Ventures and Dick Dale, Shark Rider mixes in their own signature sauce of New Wave hooks and infectious choruses. Shark Rider is releasing their first EP, "A Day In Paradise", which as its name suggests, functions as a perfect score to uplifting outdoor activities and night-long parties. The EP's first featured single "I've Arrived" bounces to clean-cut to guitar strumming and dual melodic vocals, courtesy of Nowell Maluski and Joe Gardner. High-energy drumming, jangled guitars, and soaring choruses define this new upstart band that should be instigating beach parties throughout Austin venues very soon.


-Lee Ackerley