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Personal Space bring their quirky pop to Sunnyvale on 11.18

Mr. Stephen Malkmus must have found a way to mutate the DNA of the white musician specie, considering how influential the Pavement records are in this day and age. Brooklyn quartet Personal Space develops  in intriguing ways a sound reminiscent of that band's more mature, later records, marrying them with mathy tempos and breaks, and a touch of emo. We are enjoying single 'Offering,' (streaming) which showcases sophisticated songwriting and production, and a slightly more "psych" approach than the rest of the album, in particular in the liberatingly noisy finale. You can see Personal Space at Sunnyvale on November 18.

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New Weller Split Available for Streaming & Download

Weller released their Split EP with Pittsburgh’s Rue, which is available digitally and on cassette via Honest Face Records. Produced, engineered, and mixed by Jake Ewald (Modern Baseball, Slaughter Beach, Dog), the trio of songs maintains an upbeat, blooming, pop-rock aesthetic, while lyrically exploring the ever-evolving adjustments one makes in their personal life.  You catch Weller at at DIY space Leninundergrad on Thursday, November 17, with Reward, Born Without Bones, Holy Pinto, and Sad Face. (Photo by Emily Dubin)


Debut Brain Grease EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Let the buzzing powerpop of Brain Grease pound on your eardrum with Gnarly Death Hammer! The weed-lovin' trio's debut EP might just be a temporary cure for your post-election blues (like that hit and/or drink you just took). Clocking in at under eight minutes, the relief may be brief, but you can always just press play again. (Or it might be time to hit the harder stuff.)


Summer Underground vs. post 2016 election alienation

NYC duo Summer Underground released their endearing full-length album More Than a Friend, Less Than a Lover over the past summer, but their music feels appropriately therapeutic in these strange days of November, when many of us are wondering if their neighbors have any human feelings. Single "Back to Chicago" is a charming track that embodies the power of simplicity and its potential to stir up emotion. Through their poetic and intimate lyrics, Chrissy Sandman and Grant Carey's delicate, harmonized vocals evoke the image of a couple experiencing nostalgic thoughts about one another. The minimalistic, folky, electric background serves the song well, unifying the track with a sense of calm, comfort, a tinge of longing, and a very much needed hint of hope. Listen to the single below, and the entire record here. - Ashley Muniz