Indie Rock

Bueno plays Market Hotel on 6/25 + announces new album

If the word "bueno" reminds you of something yummy you eat during that awesome South American vacation, well, that memory has nothing to do with what this post is about.  Bueno is a Staten Island band that plays a modern brand of post punk with noisy and slacking tendencies.  These influences can be heard in their most recent album cassette release, Guilt, whose songs are blunt and simply relatable - a fragment of their lyrics that stayed with us proclaims: “there used to be a Burger King there, now there’s not.”  Part of the band's charm lies in its ability to discuss ordinary subjects in a way that is also evocative, but keeping a dead pan attitude.  Make sure to see them at Market Hotel on June 25th with The So So Glos and watch out for their soon to be announced upcoming LP. - Madeleine Grossman


Free Download: "I Wanna" - VoirVoir

There Are No Good Goodbyes, the debut album from VoirVoir, will be released via Fleeting Youth Records on July 15. Its first single, “I Wanna,” emerges with a quick dash of compounding percussion and guitar, while lyrically pointing at the freedom of possibilities. That momentum-riding sense of enthusiasm is encouraging.



Representin' Mississauga...3 brothers loaded with talent and like this new track suggests...they won't change. This track "I Won't Change" is a bluesy ripper of a tune. Sweet licks and double vocals throughout. The Ballroom Babies were recently shortlisted for 97.7 HTZ FM Rock Search Contest and let's be real...they should have won it all. This track is just a sample of what you can hear from these guys at Cherry Cola's on Saturday when they play with Flamingo Báy and Retroaction in support of Womb's Album Release. - Kris Gies



Catch Lady Pills at O'Brien's Pub ahead of the release of their debut LP "Despite"

Based off the lead single "Irrelevant" (streaming) it would appear that Boston band Lady Pills is transitioning to a more aggressive rock sound for their upcoming debut album Despite, scheduled for a July release. The deviating guitar patterns, refined percussion, heavy vocals and everything else that made their past releases enjoyable are still there, but on their newest release everything is kicked up a notch. The dynamic shifts are bolder, the rhythm section more prominent and the lyrics more intense. Regardless of whether this transformation will be seen throughout the LP or just on this track, it is encouraging to see the three-piece girl band experiment with their sound in convincing ways. You can check out Lady Pills' new music at O'Brien's Pub on 6/14. —Henry Solotaroff-Webber


Forth Wanderers plays Mercury Lounge on June 20

In the past two years, North Jersey band Forth Wanderers has had quite the run. They received a shout-out from Lorde, landed in our own picks for best NYC artists of 2015, and just finished a North American tour with Adult Mom. Not bad for a bunch of kids still in college! Those unfamliar, though, might think they're older, given that their 2014 debut LP Tough Love is a solid blend of indie pop, rock and folk. The band's sound is centered around the two electric guitars, which provide a layered quality without stepping on each other's toes, and the voice of Ava Trilling, whose adorable alto conveys emotional weight to each song with a fatalistic tone that prevents her from indulging in overly dramatic antics. Forth Wanderers will play Mercury Lounge on June 20 and announced a yet to be released EP back in December - we are looking forward to both! — Henry Solotaroff-Webber