Indie Rock

Clearance at The Hideout

Clearance has released the b-side, "Owner/Operator", of their forthcoming 7" which will be released via Tall Pat Records on August 26th.

You can catch Clearance at The Hideout with Deeper and Dozer on August 24th.


Dowsing and Ratboys

Dowsing and Ratboys have announced a new split 7" EP which is due out via Topshelf Records on Sept. 9th. The two bands are good friends and even share members between them. Below is a track from the EP by Dowsing called "Hold".

The band's will be touring Europe together over the next two month, but will return home for a show at Burlington Bar on October 17th.


Hodera kicks off Northeast tour at Aviv tonight (08.17)

Much like many great New Jersey artists before them, Hodera craft highly personal and relatable songs that maintain a casual tone. Similarly to artists like Brand New and La Dispute, their debut album United By Birdcalls evokes the mood of emo and pop-punk, but steers clear of unnecessary drama (and unbereable whiny vocals!): the band's intimate stories are told with sincerity. The project is led by Michael Smith, who wrote most of the record on his first guitar in a small room while dealing with bouts of depression. Much of the instrumantion projects a calm atmosphere, while the lyrics give the listener a look inside of Smith’s head and his quest to get rid of his negative thoughts. Tracks like “Dear Forefathers” and “No, I’m Not” slow things down on the LP’s second half by capturing a more melancholy and stripped down vibe. Hodera will be kicking off their Northeast tour with sports. and Terrraveer tonight (August 17th) at Aviv! - John Honan


New Wives Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Wive, the latest release from Wives, smolders with an uninhibited confessional monologue meets a foreboding thunderous musicality. Those raw exposed emotive vocals gather steam against the consistent grunge/noise attack, in essence flipping that fragile sense of openness into a feeling of power. The relentless surge is the natural shot of adrenaline one could use midweek.


Debut DARK MTNS Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Zack Robbins (Superheaven) and Josh Mackie (Idiot Forever) have teamed up to form DARK MTNS. Their new self-titled release has a somewhat relaxed sonic demeanor, largely allowing the vocals to take the soothing, melodic lead. However, an underlying cosmic curvature can be felt.