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Mood Music: Icarus The Owl - "A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton Cover)"

If you were anything like most of the mid-2000's Myspace crowd, it's incredibly likely you got down with all those Punk Goes... compilations. There was Punk Goes Acoustic and Punk Goes Crunk (which was of course as hilariously good as it sounds), but Punk Goes Pop definitely gave them both a run for their money. The best of the scene tried their hand at covering songs from the top of the pop charts, but since the last volume of it came out in 2014, we haven't gotten the same pop punk fulfillment.

Thank you, Icarus The Owl, and your cover of Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" for filling that void.

Premiering via Alternative Press a little over a week ago, Icarus The Owl's cover of this piano playing staple features the classic technical drumming and mastered guitar playing we usually see from the band, along with some three part harmonies that really bring the cover to life.

On taking on the song, the band says: "This song is timeless to us and we've always jokingly played the main riff while sound checking on stage. We decided it was time to do a proper cover. Also the scene in White Chicks."

That movie, yes. All of it, yes. Give it a listen below.


Laura Palmer's DEATH PARADE's Residency is in Full Effect

In conjunction with this weekend's Sabertooth Music Fest, Showdeer and Al's Den are hosting Laura Palmer's DEATH PARADE as their residency for the next six days. Though it technically started last night, many special guests will be joining in on the dark psych folk fun, led by the beautiful swoon of Laura Hopkins.

Jetlag from their recent UK tour won't stop this trio from giving it all they've got for the rest of the week, with local favorites like Nathan Baumgartner of And And And, Dim Wit, Sweeping Exits, Cat Hoch, and Bryson Cone aiding in the excitement. 

See the flyer above for a breakdown of each night's LPDP pairings. Each night is free, 21+ and starts at 7pm so if you're gearing up to head out for the night, stop by Al's Den and see them tonight with Haley Heynderickx.



Good Anya was formed in 2013 in Dundas, Ontario. They're a 4 piece dreamy alternative band with catchy riffs and perfectly lazy vocals. There is definite 90's vibes to them even though I don't think they were alive for much of the 90's. The music would fit right in on the classic days of the Muchmusic Countdown. The singer has a more modern indie feel to his vocals or perhaps a bit of britpop. Kinda sounds like the guy from Phoenix. Good Anya released their latest EP last year titled "Good Effort" which is very true. There's 4 solid indie rock tracks that'll leave you wanting more. So then you can go see em live at the Baby G on Friday February 3rd. - Kris Gies




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  1%   22 votes
  0%   6 votes
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New Dominic Album Available for Streaming

Dominic Angelella always seems to have something going on musically. He's currently playing bass for mewithoutYou, co-fronts the band Lithuania with his good bud Eric Slick (of Dr. Dog), and is all set to release a new solo album this week under the moniker Dominic. Goodnight, Doggies. premiered earlier today over at Brooklyn Vegan, and it will officially drop this Friday, February 3 via Lame-O Records. Dominic will also be hosting a dual record release celebration with Norwegian Arms that same evening at Johnny Brenda's.