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Alien Boy's EP Release Party Benefits Nonprofit

Alien Boy was marked a loud favorite of ours with last year's debut Never Getting Over It, and a roaring cover of "Hand In Glove" by the Smiths that came along with it. The album showed Alien Boy as a rambunctious callback to late 90's emo laced pop punk and with the release of their newest EP Stay Alive, we find ourselves still enjoying their clamor, with a more settled down maturity.

Though Stay Alive was digitially released in early October, its coinciding show celebrating the physical 7" takes place this Thursday at Blackwater. Beloved Deli Portland picks Little Star will be joining Alien Boy, along with horror glam punks Sweeping Exits and some hardcore from Naux.

All proceeds from money collected at the door of this all-ages show will go to Planned Parenthood and for just a $5 cover, it'd be kind of silly not to come support.

Stay Alive is available on vinyl via Good Cheer Records and on cassette tape through Olympia's Reflective Tapes.


The Deli LA Artist to Watch: Julian Jasper

Julian Jasper's musical foundation has something of a connection to the practically defunct chillwave movement, except that his more straightforward approach to songwriting emphasizes clarity over obscurity. The LA-via-San Diego bedroom recorder's first single, "2 AM, Chinatown", is sung from the perspective of an observer who's taking it all in, acclimating to his surroundings. It's also upbeat dance pop as if coming from an old soul, handled with a muzak-flavored sophistication that gives a welcome exuberance to his more introspective inclinations.

Jasper's first 7", "2 AM, Chinatown / I Don't Mind", is out now via Misra Records. - Juan Rodríguez



Debut Gladys the Gardener LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

The West Philly quartet of Gladys the Gardener, consisting of Nic Sanderson, Bailey Dolan, Andrew Williams and Zooey Cox, inscribes a fuzzy, melodic haze with their debut LP, Pencils Down. A scattering perimeter is met by the consistent drive ahead. However, in moments, that path veers in a pleasant, unexpected smashing, with a punk persuasion or spacing out on a psych-frequency. (Photo by Andrew Tan)


Buzz Alert: Don't miss your chance to listen to the Pressure Kid's latest single

 Initially, "You Missed Your Chance," the latest single from Nashville-based band, The Pressure Kids, sounds sweet, dance-y and instantly catchy. With soaring choruses that betray just a bit of twang, strong melodies, and flitting beats, you might almost miss the deeper lyricism lurking beneath the polished track. When you take the time to peel back to the words, the song becomes a mediation on missing chances, the melancholy that surrounds it, and the the strive to move forward and be ok. An anthem for those amid the 20-something malaise, be sure to listen to the single streaming below.-Olivia Sisinni



Kindling brings their shoegaze-y indie rock to Brighton Hall 1/18

 As their name suggests, there's definitely something incindiary about Easthampton-based band Kindling. Their songs are thick with a nasty, fuzz and feedback coating, paired against ethereal vocals that somehow manage to float above the firey instrumental whirlwind happening beneath them. Catch the band at Brighton Music Hall 1/18 playing with City of Caterpiller and The Saddest Landscape, and be sure to stream them below.-Olivia Sisinni