Indie Rock

Touched By Ghoul "Better Than Me"

Touched By Ghoul has released the lead single, "Better Than Me", from their forthcoming album, Cancel The World, which is due out on December 3rd via Under Road Records.

This is the work of former Sybris singer/guitarist Angela Mullhouer, along with guitarist Andrea Bauer, bassist Alex Shumard and drummer Paige Sandlin.


Warm Human "Gimme A Reason"

Warm Human (aka Meredith Johnston) has released a new single and video called "Gimme A Reason" via House of Feelings records. This is her first single of 2021, and first on House of Feelings, after releasing a wonderful series of single last year.

When asked to explain the history of this song Johnston had this to say; "I am a terrible sleeper, I have a parasomnia where I wake myself up scratching my arms, outstretched like a zombie. Other days I wake up wondering why I slept so poorly, but when I sit up, my sheets are wrapped around my neck. This video is a visual manifestation of involuntary self torture, the feeling of drowning in your own consequences, whether in dreams or in waking life."


The Goldstars "Stroll in Hell"

Local rock vets The Goldstars have released what may be a brand new Halloween classic, "Stroll in Hell". The new single does lean heavily of the sounds and style of "Monster Mash", but gives the classic tune a fresh and modern prospective.


Doom Flower

Doom Flower are preparing to release their self-titled LP on November 19th via Record Label. This primarily the work of the duo of Jess Price (Campdogzz) and Bobby Burg who were joined by Areif Sless-Kitain on drums and Matt Lemke.

The group has released a series of single from the project over the last several months with the most recent being "Thrill Wheel".


Courtesy "Zapps"

Courtesy recently released the lead single, "Zapps", from their forthcoming album, Check the Milk, which is due out on November 19th via Seasick Records. This is the duo of Drew Ryan and Kirk Rawlings.

You can catch Courtesy on December 10th at Empty Bottle.