Indie Rock

New Dear Forbidden EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

The trio of Dear Forbidden recently released a new EP Glitter & Dissonance. The album lyrically offers a jagged edge, smoothed-over by harmony and anchored to the loose grit of instrumentation, which steps up to provide additional muscle. The sound approaches like an impending storm - calm from the interior but tumultuous from the outside; that duality captivates.


Ramonda Hammer releases video for "Goddamn Idiot", play the Hi Hat on 3.14

Engaging in indie rock melodies with grungy guitars, Ramonda Hammer are the latest to bring back a nineties alternative rock aesthetic with its clean riffs and antipodal dynamics. Fronted by the soft, though passionate vocal delivery of Devin Davis, the four-piece somehow keep things grounded with a honeyed melody that never becomes either too scruffy or drenched in an excess of reverb. The band has just released a video for “Goddamn Idiot”, which takes a comical slant by taking cues from defunct trash reality TV show Cheaters. The satirical nature of the video is more on the lighthearted side, though it doesn’t in any way limit their songwriting smarts; instead, we get a band so confident in their abilities that any major contrast to their sound only helps to enhance their still-nascent careers with a lively shot of personality.

Make sure to catch Ramonda Hammer at the Hi Hat on March 14. 


Daytrotter Session - Free Cake For Every Creature

Daytrotter posted their session with Free Cake For Every Creature that was recorded at the Horseshack in Davenport, IA. The crew did a fine job catching the intimate nature of this performance, while bringing Katie Bennett's hushed vocals to the forefront. You can now stream the entire session for free HERE. Free Cake For Every Creature will be performing next in Philly on Monday, March 14 at Boot & Saddle opening for Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts. (Illustration by Johnnie Cluney)



This is Bare Claws, sportin a new Chicago Cubs-esque logo. They are a 4 piece rock band from Newmarket. They have one self titled record released so far. Diggin the track "A Beautiful Woman". To be honest it's kinda weird in a good way. Some cool keyboard action and the vocals I would describe as a mix between the singer from Hot Hot Heat and a regular lazy person. "Contemporary Issues" has cool vibes to it as well. The guitar carries this mellow track that also shows these fellas can drop in some nice harmonies when needed. Heads up for the laser beam. Bare Claws hIT the Tennessee in Toronto on Thursday. Sweater Pants and Big Name Actors are also on the bill. - Kris Gies


New Music Video: "Mud" - Alex G

Alex G gets wet and trips out in the woods in his latest video for "Mud." Starring with Emily Yacina, who also provides backing vocals on the track, the two enjoy a rainy day away from the concrete jungle of Philadelphia, but its streets leave a lasting impression. The music video was directed by Colin Acchione, who is the brother of Alex G's guitarist Sam Acchione. They'll be co-headlining Union Transfer on Thursday, April 14 with Porches. (Photo by Brent Smith)