Indie Rock

Lume Releases Two B-Sides

Lume recently released two b-sides, “Black Sun” and “Harris”, from their 2018 sophomore album, Wrung Out.

The trio have also released a new “clear haze” variant of the vinyl edition of Wrung Out.


Photo Ops return with radiant new single, "July"

Bask in the radiant optimism of Photo Ops' "July." The latest single by singer-songwriter Terry Price, who performs under the name Photo Ops, is a response to all the negativity that has surrounded his personal life. He sounds clear-headed, even there's a tinge of resentment in his words  - "I did you right/ You just won't know it for a while," he says to himself with woeful practicality. But look at "July" as Price's self-cleanse, as he delivers his quietly-powerful subtext through a soft layer of sparkling guitar chords and precise, Sea and Cake-recalling drum work. 

"July" is the first reveal off of his forthcoming third album, Pure at Heart, which is expected to hit later this year. Juan Rodríguez 






Maxwell James releases indie-folk single "The Violence Close To Home"

Side note before we even begin: As I started writing this post, I smelled vape smoke. And truth be told, that's what Maxwell James's latest single "The Violence Close To Home" feels like. The lyrics have darkness to them, and James delivers them with a smoky voice that has a deceiving chill tone to it. The instrumentation feels like something to which you'd sway rather than brood. It seems strange for a song with such depth to feel so blissful, but James -- who released his debut EP last year -- has a knack for creating music that catches you off guard and makes you go "Wow." Take a listen to "The Violence Close To Home" below, and stay tuned to James's Facebook page for upcoming show dates. - Will Sisskind


Thin Swimmer "The Menacing Choir"

Thin Swimmer is melodic indie rock of Jared Olson. Back in December he released the first single, “Connection”, from his forthcoming album, The Menacing Choir. The second single from the album is “100 m.p.h. (I Speak for Myself)” and can be streamed below.

The Menacing Choir will be released tomorrow, February 8th, but can be pre-ordered here.


Andrew Bird “Sisyphus"

Andrew Bird has released a Matthew Daniel Siskin video for “Sisyphus”, the latest single from his forthcoming LP, My Finest Work, which is due out March 22nd. This is the second single from the album following up “Bloodless” which dropped back in November.

You can catch Andrew Bird at Green Mill on April 2nd and 3rd.