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A Deli Premiere: Catch Prichard’s “You’re the Worst”

The folks in Catch Prichard just can’t get away with doing anything less than epic. Like their prior EP, Eskota, tracks off Utter Disbelief maintain an undercurrent of Americana, this time with heightened, richer pedals and strings, dark synths and the occasional sax guest. Single “You’re the Worst” is one of the strongest off the upcoming release, though quite frankly, it’s hard to choose. Frontman Sawyer Gebauer has one of the most unique vocal stylings around. He’s a Johnny Cash meets a Leonard Cohen twisted with some Bill Callahan and a touch of Springsteen. Gebauer’s deep, guttural baritone radiates through “You’re the Worst,” bringing life and tough emotion to the song. Pre-purchase the first six tracks off Utter Disbelief here, and be sure to check out their upcoming shows. Lovely. -Michelle Kicherer, Associate Editor

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Interview with Mofaza

Mofaza is slightly mysterious trio of ZGAman, Franco Popular and Max Boom, and they recently released their self-titled debut album. We were so intrigued that by the sound of the album and the vagueness of its release that we track down the trio and asked them a few questions. You can read the full interview here.

You can catch Mofaza at Beat Kitchen on February 16th with Shot Baker, Vacation Bible School, The Eradicator, and No Enemy!.


Interview with Mofaza

The Deli (TD): Who is Mofaza?
Mofaza (M): Mofaza is a project that has been going since 2004. The vocalists are the ZGAman and Franco Popular (heir to the fortune of his father, Banco Popular) and Max Boom the producer. We also had the great pleasure to feature Miss Caitlin, aka Fancy Ketchup, on a few of the tracks. We usually just released music directly to our friends and other supporters over the years. This is our first public release.

TD: Musically, the sound of Mofaza is very different than your work with other local bands. Is there a style of music you prefer to work in or is it the variety that motived this album?
M: We’ve all played in various bands over the years, but Mofaza allows us to continue making music without expectations of genre or need to even be in the same room together. Its lasting power is that its goal is purely fun and to make ourselves giggle.

TD: For me the standout track is "Better Than Me", it seems destined for a video. What is the story behind that song and are there bigger plans for it?
M: We recorded that track about 6 years ago when Franco was living in New Orleans, and we were in Chicago. Ambition and status are pretty big themes for us and I think that one lays that out pretty clearly. Videos would be a lot of fun, and something we talk about, but we don’t know anyone who could put something like that together.

TD: Mofaza will be performing live at Beat Kitchen of February 16th. Is this the Mofaza’s first live performance? What are the plans for bringing these songs to the stage?
M: We’ve performed a few times over the years, but always at parties and smaller shows. This show won’t be any different since the show is a birthday party for our friend Tony who fronts the band Shot Baker. Pretty much all the bands playing have known each other for years so it should be a great time. It’s in no way an exclusive event so if you’re curious definitely come out and have fun. 

TD: Is this a one off project or might there be more to come from Mofaza? What's next for Mofaza?

M: There’ll definitely be more music from us, but I doubt playing live will happen again. Most of the bands playing on the 16th have been inactive for a long time due to members living in different parts of the country etc. A lot of people are traveling in just to play so there’s always a good chance this could be it for a few bands on the list.

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A brief conversation with mysterious members of Mofaza
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"Its lasting power is that its goal is purely fun and to make ourselves giggle."

Wine Lips - New Record 02.27 w/ North American Tour

Toronto based power trio Wine Lips are getting’ set to release their latest record “Stressor” on February 27th and have just dropped their second single. “Electric Lady” is a rippin’ garage track with ear worm hooks making a deadly combo of rock n’ roll. The video features singer/guitarist Cam Hillborn gettin’ all wine lipped and stumblin’ around the city. It’s definitely a tune that’ll make you wanna drink… Wine Lips are heading out on tour of Canada and the States finishing off with their hometown Release Party at the Horseshoe Tavern on April 5th with Pale Lips, Vypers and Fade Awaays. – Kris Gies


Walking Bicycles "Fat Cat"

Post-Punk band Walking Bicycles are back with their first album in five years, Chooch, which will be released on April 26th via Highwheel Records. Below you can stream the album’s first single “Fat Cat”.

This is the work of Jocelyn Summers (vocals), Julius Moriarty (guitar), Jason Leather (bass), and Deric Criss (drums).