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Shred Flinstone's "Lois" is solid as bedrock, play the Meatlocker 2.22

For those lacking Vitamin D during the balmy season, nine out of ten doctors* recommend a quick injection of sunny, jangling rock n roll. To that end, do yourself a favor and stream Lois, the latest offering by NJ-based garage band Shred Flinstone. Never too discordant and propelled forward by a healthy dose of power chords (and the occasional classic film sample), the record’s a bright listen, bolstered by sweet twee vocals and clean guitar production; standout “Nemo” winds and kicks with driving drumming, laying down an energetic track able to kick any seasonal affective disorder. Listen below, and see Shred shred at the Meatlocker on February 22nd (trust us, it’s worth crossing the Hudson River for).

*not real doctors obviously


The Lilacs “Shadow of Doubt"

Power Pop Vet’s The Lilacs have released a new video for the song “Shadow of Doubt” from their recent EP “The Lilacs Endure”.

The video was shot at various location around the city that have been impactful to the band over the years like hyllis' Musical Inn on Division St, the University of Chicago, a couple different El stops, and Wicker Park.


Premiere: Albon releases “Kids on Fire”

photo credit: Mike Cardiello

Alexander B. Lappin aka Albon, began making music in his Northern Chicago suburban bedroom when he was but a boy of twelve. He eventually made his way over to California, where he makes folk rock music with Beach Boys and Grizzly Bear influences; we hear a touch of REM and a little Magnetic Fields, too. This new single off Albon’s Dream Weaver//Bee Keeper has a fun yet distressed energy about it. Lappin says of this song’s creation story that it was “...written in a pretty funny way!” Lappin and some friends were filming a tequila commercial and they all took a tiny bite of mushroom to go with that tequila. “I ended up on a roof where I was still very sad about my breakup but was also very high on this little stem of mushroom. I ended up laughing as hard as I ever had and then crying hysterically. It was all very cathartic. After words me and my two friends went for pancakes at some classic diner. I then went home and wrote this song." We do love a good story. The Deli is proud to premiere Albon’s single, “Kids on Fire.” -Michelle Kicherer, Associate Editor 


Miracle Sweepstakes invoke present and past on Rorschached

The story of Rorschached, the latest offering by NYC indie four piece Miracle Sweepstakes, involves several rounds of demoing tracks, a zip folder entailing twenty five songs, a failed basement recording session and a power outage inducing snowstorm. Three eventful years later, Miracle Sweepstakes offer their tie dyed effort to us, a psych-tinged LP of bright late 60s vocals and riffing abound. Fans of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and post Oracular Spectacular MGMT will appreciate the vintage depth of sound present on each of the album’s eleven tracks paired with the band’s inclination for contemporary songwriting — standout tracks “Black Bouquet” and opener “Forcefield” artfully split this difference, delivering lush listens and warm instrumental vamps. Give it a full listen below.



Slow Mass "Music For Ears 2"

Slow Mass has released a new 7” single via Landland called “Music For Ears 2”. The single features two new tracks, “Mal” and a cover of the Pygmy Lush song “I’ll Wait With You”.

You can catch Slow Mass on February 28th at Lincoln Hall with Ratboys.