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Waterfall Wash Release "Foreign Chords" Video

 East side indie folkers Waterfall Wash are helping us cling to the last bit of summer with a DIY lyric video for staff favorite "Foreign Chords," dropped earlier this year. Basically, two fruits enter; one frickin' adorable video leaves.

The fun, quirky video, directed by Dylan White, has all the makings of a perfect afternoon. There's Nerf gun double-crossing, hand-painted signs, cameos by friends (and some local talent) and a refreshing-beverage-off, all to a track you can't help but smile to. Boasting xylophone AND lap steel, "Foreign Chords" is full of personality, positivity and solid musicianship. 

Check out the video below and hear Waterfall Wash's recent episode of local tastemaker podcast Notable Nashville here! -Caroline Bowman



For fans of Syd Barrett: Real Life Buildings play Baby's All Right tonight (10.02)

Although most indie rock fans think to Pavement's Steven Malkmus as the father of lo-fi rock and the slacker attitude applied to the genre, British mad genius - and Pink Floyd founder - Syd Barret anticipated this trend in his three, beautiful, post-Pink Folyd/pre-madness solo records from the early '70s. Matthew Van Asselt's band Real Life Buildings sounds to us like he's heavily inspired by Barret's casual singing, lazy melodies (as in "Black Kettle") and preference for an overall aesthetic that predilects semi-unfinished sounding recordings (check out opener "In The Sky Today"). The band's sound is also filtered through the lens of the 90's US college rock, with distorted power chords often taking over the reigns. Check out our favorite song "It Snowed," which also features a rare banjo in the chorus. You can see Real Life Buildings live at Baby's All Right tonight (10.02)


The Deli's NYC issue #44 is online!

Deli Readers,

I know, it seems like we put our latest issue out just the other day - but no, we haven't switched to monthly. It's just that the fall in NYC is a busy time for us, and with CMJ week and our NYC Synth Expo (linked to BEMF) coming up, there's a lot to write about.

Here's our 44th issue of The Deli NYC (one of our finest!). Check out cover band Stolen Jars, they'll be performing at one of the (several) Deli CMJ 2015 shows!


The Deli's Staff


Brave Town Releases EP

Since they won our Band of the Month title last year, we've been keeping tabs on indie/alt rockers Brave Town. Yesterday the guys dropped an EP, and we're already singing along.

Brimming with melodic guitar riffs, smooth, youthful vocals and tasteful percussion,  the 4-song release shows the sunny side of alternative rock. With this EP, Brave Town achieve the delicate balance between deliberate and organic, and find a natural middle ground among the quartet's range of influences. The opening track "Denim" is vibrant and danceable, while "Is It Worth It" takes the acoustic route to highlight encouraging and uplifting lyrics.

The Brave Town EP is the perfect thing to listen to if you're feeling down. Or happy. Or getting ready to conquer the day. Or really any time at all.

Give it a listen here, and don't miss Brave Town's release show at The High Watt this Friday with Corey Kilgannon and Fleurie. -Caroline Bowman





Twiggs, "Twiggs II"

Clear your schedule, stock the fridge and turn on the lava lamps, because Nashville's dual-fronted Twiggs are taking us all on a neo-psychedelic trip through time and space with their sophomore release Twiggs II.

After catching the TN-via-OK 4-piece in the back room of Crying Wolf last spring, even after putting a dent in my second flask, I knew to keep an eye on them. Wearing their 60s and 70s influences on their sleeves, swirling in droney grooves and gritty riffs while maintaining a freewheeling punk disposition, Twiggs have incorporated the past and present into a 11-track album that is nothing short of hallucinogenic.

Reminiscent of experimental guitar rockers like The Velvet Underground and Jefferson Airplane, "One is for the Gun" and "Touching You" are instantly classic, while "Crazy Nights" adds modern percussion and cadence to the mix. The band gets a little Pink Floyd-y with the melancholy "I Love You So Love Me," and the echoing chant at the end of "Lonely Coyote" will rip your heart right out. Staff pick "Are You High" will burrow itself into your brain and stay there. Forever.

Give Twiggs II a listen here, download it on iTunes and catch Twiggs 10.10 at The Five Spot with Buffalo Rodeo, Santah and Seratonins, put on by Palaver Records. -Caroline Bowman