Indie Rock

Young Rival drop "Interior Light" LP + play Horseshoe Tavern on 12.17

Last week, Hamilton's indie favorites Young Rival dropped their latest album "Interior Light", and shared the title track. It's their first release since 2012's successful "Stay Young". The new album doesn't stray too far from their signature sound, without sounding like more of the same; oldies melodies over indie rock riffs and soaked in reverb. Somewhat obscure-sounding opener "Carry The Weight" sets the table for a very interesting album. The rhythm is tight and groovy and singer/guitarist Aron D'Alesio has an uncomplicated and cool guitar style throughout. My personal favorites are "Where It's All Going" and "Bent Out Of Shape". The trio are heading out very soon for a full on North American tour with Born Ruffians. They will be at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, December 17th, and at the Casbah in Hamilton December 18th. Don't miss them! - Kris


Dirty Ghosts + Kelley Stoltz Double Album Release at Brick & Mortar - 11/7

We´re excited to announce a great upcoming Bay Area based double album release show! The San Francisco based electro indie pop band, Dirty Ghosts will be celebrating the release of their new album, Let It Pretend (you can stream the album here) which was released on October 2nd through Last Gang Records.

Any time a punk band starts experimenting, that’s the era of the band that I love,” remarks Dirty Ghosts guitarist and songwriter Allyson Baker while discussing the genesis of Let It Pretend, the band’s forthcoming sophomore effort.

The San Francisco based pop artist, Kelley Stoltz plans to release a whopping three albums: In Triangle Time (out on Castle Face Records on Nov. 6th), 4 Cuts and The Scuzzy Inputs Of Willie Weird (out on Stroll On Records on October 30th). You can listen to a track from each album here.

"All were being written at the same time, basically. And they came out at the same time to coincide with my being booked at the Purple Weekend Festival in Spain this December. Since there was a tour planned, it made sense to get them all done in time for that. I started the Willie Weird album first as a way of escaping myself, after lots of songwriting and touring in 2013 and 2014. It was a strict set of rules type album - randomly selecting the beats-per-minute, writing a bassline first, embracing sound plug-ins, and using one white Stratocaster. I tried to write that from a joyful, humorous place rather than one of lonesome troubador as I usually do. I'd suggest playing all three of them at once." - Kelley Stoltz on his three new releases.

Don´t miss this once in a life time Bay Area event! Head down to Brick and Mortar Music Hall on November 7th!


Toronto band on the rise: Highs

One of Toronto's bands on the rise (it's not an accident that they are on our chart of Top 15 emerging local artists) HIGHS play a rhythmic, bouncy version of ambient pop-rock, inundated with beautiful harmonies and a playful rhythm section. In their debut, self titled EP HIGHS consistently utilizes a high energy, mellow vibe to bring the fun, blending in a soca beat to bring the danceability that can keep a room pulsating. Opening track Summer Dress (streaming) does that to perfection. Third song “Harvest” - on the other hand - introduces a slower beat, a soft atmosphere and a great build, and acts as a pace break between the other faster songs, emphasizing the space and harmonies and functioning as a beautiful centerpiece to the EP. If you're looking to maintain a summertime frame of mind into the upcoming winter, these songs are the perfect soundtrack. - Cody Wright


Portland-based band, Paste, release their first EP, "Amoral"

Portland-based group, Paste, just released their first EP, “Amoral,” at the beginning of the month. The group describes itself as “ferocious” - probably an overstatement, considering their not overly aggressive sound sound, but they are indeed correct when they say that their "songs cover a wide variety of styles and moods.” All four tracks on their EP waver between rock, pop, and electro, seamlessly merging qualities of all three. “Carnivores,” the third song on their EP, exemplifies the group’s tendency towards glam rock with a creative use of effects and a melody that plunges in and out of distortion. On the other hand, “Spring” (streaming), uses bright harmonies and catchy rhythmic patterns inherent to pop. Their music’s variation in genre will, as promised, satisfy any musical mood. - Isabel Rolston


I'm Here for the BOOs: Nashville's Halloween Playlist

Get tipsy off pumpkin beer? Check.
Watch Hocus Pocus and re-realize how awesome it is? Check.
Stress over the whole couples-costume thing? Check.

Create a totally badass Halloween playlist featuring some of my favorite local bands? CHECK.

Get in the spirit and give it a listen! -Caroline Bowman