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Providence's Daniel Patrick Talbot plays at AS220 on 3/4

One may not quite be able to discern what Providence’s Daniel Patrick Talbot is saying in his fuzzy guitar tracks but it doesn’t really matter; these messily pretty songs intrigue with their very refusal to be obvious. On “Hollywood” (streaming below), which sounds like a jagged anthem for the deranged, for instance, Talbot mentions that his “body is a lamp/like the factories,” conjuring disturbing yet undeniably compelling imagery. “Accumaliting 2,” which sounds like a mix of Ratatat and Future Punx, similarly obliterates conventional sense yet compels with its jumpy darkness. Daniel Patrick Talbot plays at AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island on 3/4. – Zach Weg 


Premiere: Abbot Kinney - It's the Middle of the Night + Upcoming EP

The San Francisco based rock band, Abbot Kinney has been kind enough to share a new song with you through our wonderful music blog portal! Abbot Kinney has been consistently putting out great music and their new song, It's the Middle of the Night is leading us all towards the official release of Abbot Kinney's upcoming EP, The Night which is due out on April 29th. The Night's album release party will take place the same night at Bottom of the Hill as Abbot Kinney will celebrate by opening for Panic is Perfect!

Take a listen to It's the Middle of the Night and we'll continue to keep you posted on the release of the full EP, The Night!

You can pre-order the album at

Abbot Kinney is a rock band that thrives on big vocal hooks, a heavy, intricate rhythm section and an ambitiously grand scope, and while lead singer-songwriter Jared Swanson was certainly influenced by the “alternative” label of yesterday, his music wholly belongs to the 21st century. The group’s new EP The Night not only challenges the listener’s conception of what an indie rock song can sound like in a scaled-down, irony-charged modern music scene; it also represents a sonic evolutionary step forward.


The Lemons

The Lemons have released their full-length Burger Records debut, Hello, We're The Lemons. As with the other Burger Records releases, this a fun mixture of surf, garage, and bubblegum pop. The first 14 tracks of this release came out in 2014 on Gnar Tapes, but the next 14 tacks are newer and include their 2015 single "Judey". The band celebrated the release with a free show last night, Feb. 14th at Chicago's Bric A Brac Records


The Cuckoos Channel the Classic Era of Psych Music to a Tee on "Stranger in Your Eyes"

Morrison has risen- This is a natural thought progression upon hearing Ken Frost, lead singer of the Austin 60’s psych trio The Cuckoos, sing for the first time. Frost has a dead-on Lizard King baritone but, rather than run from comparisons to the Doors, the Cuckoos embrace it, own it, and then make it their own. The trio’s magnetism, mature sound, and youthful precociousness (Frost is the oldest in the group at 19) mean that there are many more doors of perception for these Moog-mavens to open. Here's track “Stranger in Your Eyes” from their upcoming spring full-length release that offers a tantalizing organ sound straight from 1967. The dark psych groove perfectly coalesces with Frost’s intoxicating throwback vocals for a track that's about as close as we're ever going to get to a new classic Doors track, do listen below, flower children of 2016. The Cuckoos are also a nominee for ‘Artist of the Year’ in the psych category and would love your vote, so check the polls to the right if you want to help the guys out.


Lee Ackerley


Cross Record is at the Top of Their Dark Experimental Music Game with New "Wabi Sabi"

Cross Record is an airy, sophisticated and sometimes creepy indie folkish duo that writes, records and lives out at a parcel of gorgeous Texas Hill Country land known as Moon Phase Ranch. With equal parts technical, atypical instrumentals from Dan Duszynski and the ghostliest, lovely and philosophical vocals from wife Emily Cross, Cross Record will play well with the folk/psych indie lovers out there, as well as those into that whole witchy thing going on right now. Recent release Wabi Sabi has the two at their best yet, with building cerebral tracks that are as deep-thought provoking as they are beautifully spacious and emotionally gripping. Catch a two-track preview of Wabi Sabi here, including the modern stormy day folk song “Steady Waves,” and check out the poignant minimalist and symbolic prettiness of the music video for second single “High Rise” below. It'll get your spine tingling, and your mind soaring over a gloomy, picturesque Texas countryscape.