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Psych Artists featured in The Deli's SXSW issue: Jackson Boone

Portland's Jackson Boone is the latest in a long line of Syd Barrett acolytes going back to David Bowie and Marc Bolan. Boone, in fact, works past much of Barrett's tension en route to spaced-out oddities as dramatic and modern as they are retro. Check out single Runaway from his latest LP Natural Changes. (This blurb was featured on the latest SXSW issue of The Deli Magazine, dedicated to psychedelia)


New Jo Kusy LP Available for Streaming

Hot on the heels of The Deli Philly’s February Record of the Month, You Break Me, Jo Kusy (Far-Out Fangtooth, The Whips) has quickly issued a follow-up. Wild Violets, which will be officially released on April 3, is currently available for streaming, and is chock-full of pillowy lo-fi pop, allowing one’s imagination to subconsciously float. Kusy will perform on the Sunday afternoon of its release date at Beautiful World Syndicate, as part of a double tape release with Birds courtesy of Time Castle Recordings.


Our Fathers

Our Fathers is working on their second EP which is due our later this Spring. They recently recently released the first single from the EP, "Jersey & Belmont". Our Fathers is mixes rock and electronics beneath the enticing vocals of Madeline Smith create a compelling sound.


Boston's psych rock Plastic Waves to play Great Scott on 4.13

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched plastic melt, but there is something so beautiful and mesmerizing in the way it disintegrates. The way it moves and folds into itself. Listening to Boston’s psychedelic outfit Plastic Wave is much like that. Solo project of Andre Bellido, Plastic Waves weaves together fuzzy vocals over snarling reverb laden guitars and oscillating synths as a thick base rhythmically pulsates in the background, creating a rich aural texture. Their self-titled debut EP starts off gently, with delicate synths in “Intro” before climaxing into an eruption of kaleidoscopic proportions on “Pushing Me Down” and then easing into a dizzying electric comedown with “Melancholy Sleep.” Take a listen below and don't forget to catch Plastic Waves entrancing sound at Great Scott on April 13. - Adriana S Ballester



New Music Video: "Nothing To Say" - Hurry

Despite initially depicting ideal daydream-like success, the new music video for "Nothing To Say" consistently finds Hurry's Matt Scottoline's literary pursuits rejected. As a result, the dejected writer deposits his old school G3 Powerbook in the trash. Found on the band's forthcoming LP Guided Meditation, which is set for release on April 29 via Lame-O Records, "Nothing to Say" possesses a gentle swaying melody that captures the apathetic sadness of failure. Everybody Hits will be hosting Hurry’s record release show on Friday, May 6, and the bill will also includes Telepathic and Cave People.