Hip Hop

Dreamer Isioma "Sunset Drive"

Dreamer Isioma has the latest single and video, "Sunset Drive", from their brand new album, Goodnight Dreamer.

This is the fifth track from the album, and it features production from Saint Lewis along with live instrumentation from Brooklynn Skye (Bass), Dante Swan (Guitar), and Romello (Drums).

You can help Isioma celebrate the release of their album on March 5th at Cinecity (2439 W. 14th St).


Qari "Changes" (ft. Elton Aura)

Qari has released a new single, "Changes", which feature production from Eddie Burns and vocals from Elton Aura.

This single is accompanied by the Sean Matsuyama directed video below.


Heavy Crownz "Planting"

South Side recording artist Heavy Crownz has released visuals for the first single, "Planting", from his forthcoming EP which is due out this Spring.

The track features production from DJ Ves120 and the video was co-directed by Heavy Crownz and Cat Sanchez of 3V Agency.


ShowYouSuck "Marty Jannetty"

ShowYouSuck, one half of Air Credits, recently released a new single called "Marty Jannetty". The single, which came along with a promise of a forthcoming new album, was produced, mixed, and features ShowYouSuck handling all aspects of the project.


Frsh Waters "What's Next..?"

Pivot Gang member Frsh Waters has released a new single called "What's Next..?".

The single features a beat from the LA-Based producer Ambi Lyrics and is just the third official single from Frsh Waters.