Hip Hop

Mother Nature "MOMENTZ"

Mother Nature is back with a new single and video called "MOMENTZ". This is duo of Klevah and TRUTH and they find themselves ripping into a tremendous new beat from fellow Chicagoan BoatHouse.

This is the first new music from the duo since the release of their highly acclaimed 2020 Portalz.


Semiratruth "Mira"

Semiratruth has released a new album called Mira. This project features production from Morgan (aka Morgan Varnado) and Semiratruth delving deeper into world of experimental Hip Hop.


Dre Izaya "I Fall Apart When They Leave"

Dre Izaya has had a very productive year thus far with the release of three singles and a full length album all in the last month. Back on January 20th he kicked off his year by dropping the powerful "Sun Don't Shine" which features the talented Oliv Blu. The single's B-side also features a great Chicago vocalist Alex Banin and is called "More Than Friends".

Now Izaya is back with a new, emotional LP called I Fall Apart When They Leave which was released this week via Loop Theory. The album is heavily focused around the subject of lost love and was almost entirely produced by Izaya himself.


Demetruest "Direction EP"

The latest EP from Demetruest, "Direction", is set to be released on February 5th. This is the first new album from the singer/emcee since 2017's Redirected. Of the three singles that have been released from this project the most recent is "Blouse Undone" which is accompanied by the video below.


Gold Haze "From Here On Out"

Gold Haze was highly prolific in 2020, releasing three albums, and is gearing up to release his next project, From Here On Out, on February 12th. The first two singles, "Follies" and "On My Way/Jodeci", are out now, and "Follies" is accompanied by the slightly NSFW video below.

Haze blends elements hip hop and R&B over his own sophisticated production.