Alex and the People debut contrasting singles "Broken Elevator" and "Waitin' for My Train to Come"

Boston’s Alex and the People are grooving their way toward the light at the end of the tunnel, loud as can be. The group has a dual single release that is one side dance-crazed rock ‘n’ roll and one side folk acoustic serenity. One could say the music provides a much-needed duality for the varying mood shifts we face these days. “Waitin' for My Train to Come” is short and sincere, revealing in each lyric patience and acceptance that only wisdom grants. “Broken Elevator” is a heightened song, laced with funky electric guitar riffs and even funkier rhythms. The song is an anthem for whatever you want to relate it to, with slick solos for your imagination. The release, begs you to choose your current mood, for us, it is “Broken Elevator” streaming below. - Rene Cobar


Austin Bullock discharges garage rock in new record "Wasted 8"

Rhode Island may be small, but it is big with talent, and that is evident in artists such as Austin Bullock, who detonates inside your speakers with sick bravado. The Providence resident recently released Wasted 8, an album that pays tribute to garage rock and all its gritty complexities and simplicities. Tracks like “Don’t Be Like That” are easy-going in the verses, featuring cheery acoustic guitar strums that slowly disappear into the distortion that permeates the choruses. “Halo” features a slow-slithering bassline underneath hot vocals and psych-tinged ambiances that anesthetize away worries. “Not for Sale” accelerates into a beautiful mix of ‘70s punk and early ‘00s revival: past meets present and it rocks. The record has fight in it and that we need right now indeed; stream “Not for Sale” below for a trip well worth the time. - Rene Cobar


Spam Risk

Super Trio Spam Risk has released their self-titled debut album. This is the new project from Josh Rodin (of Jollys), who recently released his solo debut as Dry Dreams, along with Pamela Buschbacher (of Blizzard Babies and Pledge Drive) and Peter Reale (of Yeesh).

This is fun, playful, addictive Post Punk and one of the more surprising releases of the year so far.


Farmertan presents the electric "Muse of Fire, Act 1"

Welcome to Muse of Fire, Act 1, the first installment of Connecticut group Farmertan’s latest album. This first entry is charged-up and bursting at its seams with gritty tunes, dirty, so easy to enjoy. “Automation” contrasts crisp-clean electric guitar riffs ascending against a sonic canvas of energizing distortion. “Mud Season” showcases vocals that have more than a tinge of spice, a type of been-there-done-that attitude that fits with the fortitude of the music. The drums on the track erupt, lead, and accompany the song’s guitar solo to its summit. “Sleepwalker” keeps the intensity going and leans a bit indie with its reverb-heavy chorus lines and rich bass subtleties. This is a modern rock ‘n’ roll record at its purest, introduced by a group of gents always prepared for the long haul. Stream “Mud Season” below and stay tuned for the next act from these CT artists. - Rene Cobar


Interview: Daisychain, Pandemics, and Cancelled Plans

With the news changing by the minute and country on the verge of a potential lockdown as a result of the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, we thought it would be a good time to reach out to a local band to learn how this will impact their Spring. Daisychain is the Garage Rock of Sophia Williams, Nickole Regala, Frankie Sripada, and Victor Martinez. They have spent the few years performing around the city and Midwest while working on their debut EP which is due on May 2nd.

They had been planning to head out on their Tweak'd Tour, starting on April 2nd, to spend a month finding new audiences and ramping up to their EP release at Cole's on May 2nd. Now everything is either cancelled or soon to be, and we took the chance to talk with Sophie about how this is impacting Daisychain.

The Deli (TD): Has the upcoming Tweak'd Tour been cancelled or postponed?
Sophie Williams (SW): All the closures have definitely been affecting our April tour status. Some venues have already cancelled events, and we are anticipating that most, if not all venues will postpone or reschedule the shows.

TD: How much time went into planning the tour?
SW: We are pretty bummed; we’ve been planning this tour for the past four months and have spent countless hours reaching out to venues, bands, magazines and blogs.

TD: As a primarily touring band, how do you see the virus and our state's response impacting your year and future plans?
SW: These cancellations will definitely affect our plans for the upcoming year; the tentative April TWEAK’D tour would have been our first time to the East Coast. We were hoping to get exposure in a different part of the country that we have not yet toured. We invested in merchandise that we were hoping to sell on tour.

We are planning to reschedule any cancelled shows and plan to tour throughout the rest of the year to new cities and regions. We are currently planning a southern USA tour in July and have high hopes for a successful tour.

As of right now, March 18th, you can help Sophie and Daisychain celebrate the release of their debut EP on May 2nd at Cole's Bar.