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The New Review
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The Bitter End

MOGO Fest Pick 1: The Fur Coats, KING WHO and Enjoy Things at Alberta Street Pub

 In just its second year, MOGO Fest is beginning to make a name for itself in Portland's fairly large market of music festivals big and small. For the next two days, cleverly curated shows will be taking place around town spanning genres from jazz to psych and indie rock, so we'll be picking out a couple shows at the top of our list. Be sure to check out ALL of MOGO Fest's happenings over at their website, since there's something for everyone!

Our first choice is curated by Rola Music, who has taken care of booking all the indie and pop styles for the fest. Soulful r&b psych will be coming from our readers' poll winners for Best of 2017 The Fur Coats. This is their second to last show before they leave on their European tour, so they'll be sharing some new songs as they prep for the road.

Playing with them is the dreamy sludgepop of KING WHO (formally Us Lights), fit with brooding synths and layered soundscapes that help the mind escape. Along with the high energy heaviness of Enjoy Things and this show is surely something to enjoy.

This 21+ show starts at 9pm at Alberta Street Pub, with tickets running $7 a piece.


The Deli's Best Emerging Philly Artists 2017: Hip Hop/Funk/Electronica Poll Is Up!

We have reached the last Readers'/Fans' Poll before we share the final results of our Overall Composite Chart. Our current list of nominees spans the categories of Hip Hop/Funk/Electronica. You can check them all out HERE, and vote for your favorite artist!


New Track: "High Gear" - Elegant Animals

If you're searching for some slinky, soulful funk to get you hyped for this weekend, Elegant Animals is ready to take you there. Slip into seductive groove of “High Gear,” which can be found on the freshly released Warm Blood Pt. 1. We're thinking The Purple One was on his mine for this one. Really making us feel good this morning!


March 3rd: No BS Brass Band at The National in Richmond

The brass funk veterans in No BS Brass Band don’t mess around. Their sets are fast, loud, and irresistibly funky. Hailing from the Oregon Hill neighborhood of Richmond, close to Virginia Commonwealth University, No BS’ music comes across as a musical fusion of college pep bands and high level brass funk a la Budos Band and Young Blood Brass.

If you’re in Virginia on March 3rd, or just want to make the drive, go see No BS Brass Band with SOJA at The National.

-Written by Michael Dranove