Sensational instrumental guitars abound on William Tyler's "Goes West"

One particular album has ranked high on the Nashville and worldwide Bandcamp charts over the last few weeks: William Tyler's instrumental guitar album, Goes West. The Nashville-based musician based his follow-up to 2016's Modern Country on a trek to California; you can hear that Pacific vibe in the post-rock-like harmonies and subtle flange of the undistorted guitars on tracks like "Not in Our Stars" and "Eventual Surrender". Tyler also shows off his finger-picking chops on "Rebecca", a song that might remind Allman Brothers listeners or former Guitar Hero players of "Jessica" both in music and in title. Goes West makes for great sit-back-and-relax material in your headphones; if you'd rather see Tyler perform the songs live, his current tour will take him home to Nashville on March 10th to play 3rd and Lindsey. Listen to "Fail Safe", the second track from Goes West, below. - Will Sisskind


Sparkle Carpet

Feminist folk trio Sparkle Carpet are the tough, goth ladies we’ve been waiting for. Their album, We Do Stares, has such an “I don’t give a shit” attitude that reviewing it almost feels redundant. Emphasis on almost. Their music is lively and boisterous. “Mrs. Robinson Digs Me,” a playful take on the Simon & Garfunkel original, is incredibly fun to listen to. The use of triangle adds an enjoyably childlike aspect to the songs, but in no way does it make the music childish. It makes the music sharper, bringing attention to the cheeky smirks behind each word sung. Other songs, such as “You Don’t Think” reveal the steely inner core at the heart of the band. The resolve and determination in the song’s hoarse vocals are rousing.

Sparkle Carpet's next show is Friday, April 19th at Murder Mine. Loud in the Morning, Earth of Foxes, Geophagia will also be playing sets. 

-By Avril Carrillo 



Olivia Reid charts her own destiny on "Norfolk Drive"

Olivia Reid’s new single “Norfolk Drive” begins recalling a specific memory - “I met you on the first day of August so many years ago.” As an invocation of people and places past, it endows her soft-spoken folk with a wistful tone before quickly transitioning into the present tense as Reid sings of “riding the train to the end of the line,” of moving forward in both a physical and metaphorical sense, just as the track picks up steam with soft percussive claps of distant synth accents. While “Norfolk Drive” may be a track mired by a painful past, its lyrical and instrumental elements showcase Reid as a powerful, driven songwriter, able to learn from experience while charting her own distinct destiny. Stream it below, together with 2018 single "Organic Bloom," which gathered close to half a million plays on Spotify. -Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)


New Violet Ultraviolet Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Vermont transplant Jake Brennan's recording project Violet Ultraviolet recently dropped its new album, As The World Churns. There’s a conversational, spoken-observation feel to these tracks. As though one pleasantly meanders down the road, the songs, pushed by the compact instrumentation, retain a loose, natural aesthetic. Those folk/Americana vibes carry an inherently inviting glimpse into personal storytelling, with a universal reach.



Band name: 
Washburn & the River
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Pine Box Rock Shop