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Lucas Hoge
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Three Clubs
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Record of the Month: Amen Dunes - "Freedom"

There are some albums that feel like spiritual excursions the moment they start, transfixing us instantly at the right time and place. Amen Dune’s fifth record, Freedom, is one such record. The introduction informs us that the time is now, and it belongs to Damon McMahon and his finely tuned songwriting. Each track is impeccably produced, precise and imperious, as synths and bass lines appear on the horizon before shimmering out of view. The interplay between each instrument is like multiple generations of mirages materializing at once, and McMahon’s vocals sit in the center commanding attention with assured confidence in the stream-of-consciousness lyrics. Freedom was released wholly realized, yet it’s the undefinable aspects that assert why it’s an intoxicating and infinitely rewarding album. -Tucker Pennington


Adeline Hotel premieres new song + performs at The Knit on 08.04

Adeline Hotel's new single 'Habits' feat. Cassandra Jenkins, continues the country-tinged direction set out on the band's last album 'It’s Alright, Just the Same' from 2016. The song's unhurried folk sensibility gently floats on a breeze, but packs in a lyrical heft you might not expect to come by in a sweetly strummed folk tune. But singer/songwriter Daniel Knishkowy excels at drawing weighty contrasts between lightheartedness and poignancy. In 'Habits,' his easy-going vocals provide a tender exterior over a frank discussion of timely existential needs: a wistful rumination on what's really needed to reach happiness, and why it can be so hard to come by. Cassandra Jenkins, who released a notable debut album of her own last year, provides backing vocals.

Check out the just-released single below, and see Adeline Hotel open for The Essex Green at Knitting Factory Brooklyn next Saturday, August 4th. - Mike Levine (@goldnuggets)


New Track: "Arizona (I Wanna Be Your Man)" - Shannen Moser

I’ll Sing, the forthcoming album from Shannen Moser, will be released on September 7 via Lame-O Records. “Arizona (I Wanna Be Your Man)” is its lead single, exploring a hypothetical road trip in a yearning, open-letter kind of way. That sense of longing lingers as the backbeat matriculates across the map, highlighted by quick punches of guitar and the earnest, emotive power of Moser's vocals. You can catch her at Everybody Hits on Wednesday, August 22, where she'll be joined by Cherry and Sidney Gish.


Samuel Sandoval releases poetic 'Tupper' EP

The most recent release by Samuel Sandoval, the singer-songwriter from Meriden, Connecticut, Tupper (streaming below) is meant to be read almost as much as it is meant to be listened to. Take for example the opening line of “Philly, City of Brotherly Love” (“I knew they were rich by the way they left their plates on the table”) which uses simplicity to snap a cultural criticism into place. Sandoval’s sharp wit, colored by his experimental folk-leaning arrangements, interrogates, but it also soothes. The whispers are just as important as the shouts, a balance that is curated earnestly by Sandoval’s hand. - Lilly Milman, photo by Zack Gomez