New Brian Medlin LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Brian Medlin (Sun Opus, ex-Legendary Divorce) recently shared a new album, entitled Hawks. Produced by and featuring Matt Brasch (of The Wonder Years), the album has a thoughtful, melodic, indie/folk-rock familiarity. Stacked with sincerity, the songs maintain an airy, patient, personal reflection. Sit back or better yet, take a walk and let the merger of Medlin's refined instrumentals and earnest lyrics soak in.


New Music Video:"21 Rules" - No Sailor

The Kieran Garvey-led, baroque-folk quintet of No Sailor recently shared a new video for the project's debut single. “21 Rules” dispenses a series of advice, melding humor and earnest experience. The rolling rhythms of piano, drums, and standup bass create an infectious, kinetic energy, as the warmth of violin weaves through the narrative, which provides wisdom through a list of dos and don’ts. The video enhances the good-time feels of the recording, showing the band in an intimate, autumnal, barn setting for an audience of one.


Michael Logen contributes Americana soul to "Sunset Avenue Sessions" collab LP

It's been a busy year for Michael Logen; though his latest album New Medicine came out two years ago, he's continued to perform in the Nashville scene and collaborate with other local, indie, and major recording artists to keep his folk sound fresh. His latest collaboration comes in the form of Sunset Avenue Sessions, an album which Logen worked on with fellow Americana artists Lizanne Knott and Jesse Terry. The album consists of five covers and six original songs performed by the trio, who just toured throughout October all over the UK. The covers include a couple of Tom Petty classics such as "Wildflowers" and "Learning To Fly", as well as a take on Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth", providing an homage to the American songbooks of both old and new. The originals are takes on tracks from each of the artists' discographies; you can take a listen to one of Logen's tracks, "Ocean Floor", below. - Will Sisskind


Debut Florry Album Available for Streaming & Purchase

Brown Bunny is the debut album from Francie Medosch-led Florry, and is now available via Sister Polygon Records. A delicate-fierce, folk dynamic is in play as the intimacy of the personal narratives reels you in. Amid the contemplative, cathartic tones, there’s an adventurous beauty; that balance of stillness and movement consistently shifts the scope from zoomed in to panoramic. All the while, the precision and vulnerability of the songs hold one’s focus.


New Track: "Magic Coffin Ride" - Nyxy Nyx

"Magic Coffin Ride" is the title track off Nyxy Nyx's forthcoming LP, due out on December 7 via BLIGHT. Records. The single combines the tranquil, sunsetting aura of Brian Reichert's vocals with the steady, soft, supple plucks of acoustic guitar. Those weightless steps are countered by the fragments of raw fuzz that eventually fade into the distance as the "funeral procession" passes by. "Where this coffin is going, I don't know, but I'll ride this thing right out of this world." Have no fear.