AB/CZ debuts with psych-Americana single "Yellow Into Blue"

A defining characteristic of modern musicians today is that they do not only create tunes to jam to but entire worlds to immerse in, atmospheres rich with their personalities. Amy Beauregard and Corey Zwart, known to some as AB/CZ, have done just that with their December single “Yellow Into Blue,” which takes traditional Americana instrumentation and blends it slowly with lingering distorted guitar-chords for an ever-quaking track that is a feast of sonic delicacies. You have an assertive drum beat, distant guitar solos, mighty vocals, and the best part, which is how one can truly appreciate each thanks to the track’s length: bask in the composition. The debut single is a fine introduction to the duo’s psych-Americana vibe; the Lowell, Massachusetts duo gets extra points for blending New England’s folk history with a more modern vibe. Stream “Yellow Into Blue” below for a much-deserved Monday pick-me-up treat. - Rene Cobar


Andy Grozier "Don't Forget the Lights"

Andy Grozier recently released a new single called “Don’t Forget The Lights”. This is the songwriters first release since his 2018 album Close To Midnight. Grozier, originally from Scotland, has embraced Chicago and the Alt-Country sound.


Trafton’s “Gone” is a cold, lonely affair

It’s easy to imagine yourself in a verdant, lonely locale when listening to the music of East Village-based songwriter Trafton, and new single “Gone” is his coldest, most distant destination yet. Damper-pedaled pianos and an at times whispering falsetto endow this recent offering with visions of wintery woods, a more key-friendly take on the isolation familiar to fans of Bon Iver or Thoreau’s Walden. Within this distance established between Trafton and the listener, however, is a separate, more intrinsic loneliness, the product of a separation between the artist and their now-gone ex-love, as well as a desire to return; Trafton’s parting words implore the individual to “come tell me I’m wrong, and please don’t be gone.” It’s a haunting track that will resonate with fans of folk and good songwriting during this cold December— listen below. —Connor Beckett McInerney


Dusty Winds “I Got High With Santa Claus”

Alt-Country musician Dusty Winds has released a new Christmas single, “I Got High With Santa Claus” b/w “I’ll Call You This Christmas”.

Dusty Winds is the alter-ego of Cory Hance who has played in several bands over the last two decades including The Cells.


Muddy Ruckus offers a haunting brand of Americana, plays Stone Church 12.05

Back in October, Muddy Ruckus released a single pleasantly infectious, a song with a sinister rhythm that haunts. “From The Floor” is led by an ominous banjo riff that is followed by a thumping bassline, marching to the rich harmonies of both Ryan Flaherty and Erika Stahl on guitar and drums respectively. The duo that is Muddy Ruckus takes in this song, and their work at large, a more somber approach to America’s usually upbeat style, and it works. With eerie lyrics like “I’ve been sleeping for so long/ I don’t know what's right from wrong/ I don’t know if I was ever born at all/ Something’s happening again/ Hey man don’t you understand?/ There are voices coming up/ from the floor.” the Americana music the duo produces has a deliciously ghastly tinge. The Auburn, ME, duo will be playing on December 5th at the Stone Church in Brattleboro, VT. Stream “From The Floor” below for something different today. - Rene Cobar, photo by TBERG Photography